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               The impact of social media is it
could increases the social problems among youth. Some examples of social
problems cause by social media is cyber bullying, disconnect youth from their
friends, lead to personality disorder, no interaction between youth and the
people around them and lower youth’s self-esteem. Cyber bullying is the use of
electronic communication  to bully
someone, usually by sending intimidating or threatening messages to that
person. With the rapid increasing and improvisation of various social media
nowadays, the case of cyber bullying keeps increasing.  An article written by Ifeoma Nzemecha which
is published on 7 October 2017 stated that a research conducted in 2012, found
that at least 800,000 persons under
the age of full legal responsibility had been harassed on Facebook.

Cyber bullying leaves a great impact on youth as it can cause emotional
trauma to the victims and sometimes even leads to suicide. Besides, social
media can be a medium that can help people to be sociable with their virtual
friends online and can also help them keep up the friendships among them. However,
there are some users who agreed that social media will lead a friendship to an
ending because of the post that they put online. The action of posting
any comment or status online about others will cause a face-to-face argument
between people when they criticized each other on social media such as Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter or We Chat  and then
it will turn into a physical confrontation which will leads to an ending of a

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Social media sites also gives people a false sense of connection. Based
on research conducted at Cornell Universities, people who are going online are struggling
to differentiate between significant relationships that they build in the real
world and the virtual world. A lot of case of causal
relationships is built through the social networking sites (Jung, 2015).   When people are immersing themselves in
computers by allocating all their time and energy on meaningless relationships
online, their connection with their real world relationships become weaken and faded.

The  excessive usage of social
media also can promoting anxiety and lowering self-esteem among youth
because  the youth who go online will
have a tendency to compare themselves with other. So the people who keep doing
this is at higher risk for depression and have low self-esteem because they are
not grateful for what they have and they think their life is not as good as
other people however the people that post something online only reveal good
things that happens in their life or they just want to seek attention. Based on
Pew Research Center’s Teens Relationships Survey, September 25- October 9, 2014,
and February 10- March 16, 2015, about 40% of teens feel pressure to only post
content that makes them look good to others. According to the article by Nick
Mc Gillivray , 47% of 18 – 34 year old users reported using social media or
texting during meals. This habit can cause these people to have less time for
face-to-face interaction with their beloved one. For instance, if parents are too
focusing on using the social media during their meals time, the children are
more prone to feeling isolated and disconnected because they lose their
precious time with their parents.

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