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Thank You Ma’am Rights, desires, needs and second chance these words came to my mind after reading this story. Personally I think that the writer shows us in this story these themes and I’ll start with the most effective one which is the rights. Any person in the world has the right to live a good life, whatever color one’s is or his beliefs, no one has to be treated badly in a society.

Unfortunately, the recent events which happened in the world over the last decade showed us completely the opposite.Millions of people were killed and displaced Just because their race and beliefs, Hereford these actions originally caused the animosity between people. Furthermore, no one knows who the real entity responsible for these events is and what the objectives from doing that. The second theme is desires and needs, which reminds me in a famous saying “the end Justifies the mean. Using amoral methods to accomplish something satisfied ourselves will always be a harmful behaving to someone else. Usually, we do that in a way or another without being aware of whether we really need to do it or it Just a desire.

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Moreover; sometimes we do that thou the slightest feeling of guilt toward the other person. It was easily discerned that Roger didn’t think in the consequences of what he would do or how can this effect on him or Mrs..

.. Jones.

That’s why we should think carefully before any action we do, as well as we should not let our desires control our needs. The third theme is the second chance. Giving a second chance to a guilty person sometimes helps him more than fear and punishment, especially if we had the power. In my opinion the most things that describe the real meaning of second chance is my relationship with God.God always gave us a second chance to enhance our lives, to be good people and it’s called forgiveness, God does that by sending us allusions and that what happened with Roger and apparently happened before with Mrs..

.. Jones. She showed her amiable side toward him with all the kindness and goodness and he even didn’t get the chance to say thank you to her. In conclusion, Hughes wanted to deliver to the reader three important moral lessons that’s make out life better, which are they respecting other people rights, control our desires and finally forgiveness.

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