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Terri williams
Professor Tellor-kelley
DATE @ "MMMM d, y" September 18, 2017
Mr.Myers is one unusual great man. When meeting him, no one would even think he is very sick. The way he walks, talks, and acts, are a disguise to who he really is. His black, short hair, bare face, perky voice, and smells of black ground coffee that was freshly brewed mixed with liquid creamer. The clothes he is wearing are very friendly and it makes you feel welcomed. His shirts are either all white or have different patterns with light colors. He walks with great pride. Almost as if everyone is dear to him. His posture is straight, walks with a smile that is always plastered on his face. His belly sticks out like men who have beer bellies. To him he knows he is the shit. He took every step with pride as if he had an alter ego in his very small ears giving motivational speeches. Somehow even though he is really sick he always seems to ask “Are you okay?” “How’s your day been going?” “How’s school coming along?” “What about your family?” “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” See Mr.Myers is a very smart man, he knows how to get his way. He loves attention and when he doesn’t get attention poor Mr.Myers is setting his sight on the hospital. His girlfriend His intentions are bad but his big red heart is good.Mr.Myers is a client of mine. He is smart and manipulative. His inviting personality is all a cover up. Not enough attention was given now poor Mr.Myers is in the hospital. Visiting the hospital on a beautiful day like this, what a shame. The weather is lovely. The sun is shining. Not too much where if a breeze came you could feel the coolness of it. Walking along the busy street, car pile up from 3 blocks away. Cars honking, blasting music, birds chirping, sirens approaching. Walking toward the tall, tan towers. With multiple windows on every side of the towers. Entering the hospital looks better than the outside. The floors are hard of white tile and walls are all white. The lights shine bright as if entering heaven. The halls fill with every different types of people. People leaving and coming in wheelchairs. Little kids running back and forth through the halls. Families at receptionist desks asking what room their loved ones are in. Waiting for the elevators, a smell of fresh cooked food seeps through both nostrils. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, handmade pepperoni, cheese pizza, and off the grill hamburger patties ready to be devoured. “Ding” the elevator doors open and people flood out. Entering the 13th floor, looking in rooms, and numbers. 13117… 13115… 13113…each room is a different emotion. Families gather round their sick one, one family is smiling, laughing, the next room is crying very upset, another family is panting back and forth. The hospital has a smell. It is mixed in very different smells. All combined. The smell of dead flowers, medicine, fresh linen, old coffee, and stinky breath. Outside of Mr.Myers’ room,13112. “Come on in, I won’t bite,; he says. On the left there are windows that out look the whole mid downtown. On the rights Mr.Myers who has a big Kool-aid smile. Hi Mr.Myers, how are you feeling? His smile turned upside down as he say’s “I’m in a lot of pain, they had to open me back up”. What happened Mr.Myers? He then apologized for being disoriented. Which is strange because in walk the doctor. Every question the doctor ask Mr. Myers knows if he say pain he can get more medication.
No one would believe Mr.Myers goes to the hospital willingly. See Mr.Myers goes to the hospital regularly. Every nurse, doctor, and surgeon in Saint Louis knows him. He is banned from all except BJC, because nobody wants to see him. He knows every nurses shift and can request them by name. The man even knows every procedure, how much medicine and what time he can request a higher dosage. Mr. Myers is psych patient who harms himself when not given attention. There is times when he would poke holes in batteries and swallow them. He even poked a hole through his belly button with a pen. Believe it or not this is a normal day for poor Mr.Myers.

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