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Sentence based on the novel of Cecilia Earn The gift: -The analysis of gerund from the standpoint of humanistic functions – Cecilia Earn*s novel “The Gift” and its features in the aspect of the author’s style – Functioning of gerund in certain syntactic roles and frequency Of their use in the book Introduction: The relevance of our research: Gerund – is impersonal form of the verb, which is endowed with the qualities of a verb and a noun. In the Ukrainian language there sin*t similar form that’s why it*s difficult to determine what to use as a object after some certain words.Depending on the author of the textbook we can distinguish different word lists after which we should use gerund. There is a list of stable structures with prepositions after which usually follows gerund. The use of Gerund is a serious problem for students.

The theme of our research is actual because of the need to learn more impersonal form of gerund. Gerund hash*t equivalents in Ukrainian language that’s why interest to its research keeps popularity among scientists . IP Vivian, ORG Sever, VAN Commissars, L . P. Kristin, SP Romano, AKA Cassava should be allocated among active researchers of our time.Practical grammar books which were written by foreign authors including R.

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Murphy, A. Robinson, M. Foley, D.

Hall, N. Coke, V. Evans, L. Edwards are particularly valuable for our research too. Research object of our tarpaper is gerund as impersonal form of the verb Research subject of our tarpaper is gerund and its features (properties) and functions in the sentence. The aim is to study gerund, its properties and analysis of selected examples of its use in the artwork(book). The target has led to execute the following tasks: 1.

To investigate the gerund as a special form of the verb 2. To characterize dual nature of gerund and describe the features of its use after a certain group of verbs 3. Identify the syntactic functions of gerund and analyze the frequency of their use in the razors(book). Achieving the goal is provided by such research methods as morphologically complex syntactic and contextual analysis. The practical significance of the results is the ability to use some of its provisions in practical teaching grammar and in teaching students practical English speech.Results of the research can be used in the preparation Of abstracts and reports on impersonal forms Of English verbs. Structure work. Tarpaper consists of an introduction, three chapters, conclusions of each chapter, general conclusions, list of sources used (24 title) and application.

The tarpaper contains a chart in tabular form. Full amount of text is 33 pages. The first section provides general information about gerund, its features and predicative constructions with gerund. The second section deals with basic syntactic functions of gerund in the English sentence, and provides statistics on frequency of use.In the first chapter we examined the gerund as a special impersonal form verb and identified its features that distinguish it from the infinitive, participle and noun. A special feature of the participle differences from gerund is that they are homonym impersonal forms, which have slightly different meanings and use . We also make a characteristic of the dual nature of gerund ,describing in details its personal and verbal features. Gerund can be considered as an intermediate form between a noun and a verb, because it is a kind of synthesis of some characteristics of both parts of speech.

Students improve their pronunciation by listening to tape recordings. She walked on without turning her head. Condoled will not rest without having the world at her feet. In addition It*s presented special characteristics of predicate constructions of Gerund . Thus the gerund can form complex predicative constructions which is one syntactic whole sentences and perform a function of the subject, object, attribute and adverbial modifier. Seeing you is always a pleasure (animate) remember seeing you somewhere (Toast) The duty of all progressive mankind is fighting for peace.

Anemia Octavia connector knapsack) Also, we have investigated the use of gerund feature after separate groups of verbs with prepositions. Submitted groups allow wide use of gerund and give it semantic meaning. I am fond of reading.

When do you think of going there? The exporters succeeded in chartering a steamer of the required size. He objects to having to come here every day In the second section, we analyzed the gerund from the standpoint of syntactic functions and found that gerund performs syntactic function in the sentence that is common to noun.Also gerund has the features of expression in the sentence it can act independently without any words as the main word in predicate constructions. He gave these instructions with a view to speeding up the shipment of the goods. A Polish delegation arrived in Moscow with the object of conducting trade negotiations. We have investigated the career of the author and the history of novel. The novel “The Gift” is an international bestseller . It*s planned to shoot a film based on the plot of this story -It will bring greater popularity to Cecilia Earn.

We also analyzed the functioning 01 gerund in certain syntactic roles and frequency of their use in the work. On the basis we constructed a chart that clearly depicts the frequency of use. Thus, we determined that the author makes extensive use of gerund in the function Of attribute , which is 27. 5%. General Conclusions After our research we can make some important conclusions .

Course work is devoted to special impersonal verb forms and functions of gerund in the structure of English sentence. Gerund is a form of the verb which hasn’t equivalents in Ukrainian language.For achieving this target in the I-SST chapter we conducted analysis of the properties and characteristics of gerund and complex predicate constructions-Also we characterized the dual nature of gerund . 2. We have identified syntactic functions of gerund such as gerund in function of the subject, compound predicate, object and adverbial modifier. On the basis of these functions in the 2-ND part of rampage we investigated and analyzed the frequency of use of gerund in the book. 3.

Thus, we’ve learned the frequency of use of gerund .Based on materials of the novel we have studied that gerund is often used in the function of attribute (27,5%) Also we have constructed the a chart that depicts the percentage of gerund use in the work. During the study we have used 24 sources, including the works of famous Ukrainian and Russian linguistic as L’S Boardroom, M. J. Bloch, l.

Vivian, BAA Owlishly, VI Caravan, VAN . Commissars, AN Goblin and FL Shakiness. The conducted analysis valued the main characteristics of gerund and described which functions this impersonal form of the verb executes.

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