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Prerequisite: Prior to working on this assignment, complete Unit 1 studies, discussions, and assignment. For this assignment, determine a health care management-related tentative topic. Refer as needed to the Unit 2 studies: Research Paper Project Description and Selecting and Refining Your Topic. Then proceed to the Template Section below, which guides the composition needed for this assignment. Have fun and be sure to submit by Sunday of Week 2 to assure you can be successful with Unit 3 next week. Template SectionChoose a health care management-related tentative topic and explain the topic with powerful sentences using 200–300 words. [I will be investigating on the topic of how to reduce Hospital ER wait time.

This topic is personal to me and I would like to gain knowledge because I think it can be applied at a future workplace. Patients who check into a hospital’s ER room often experiences a long wait time in an emergency room waiting. I want to research if theirs a faster way to make the process for a Hospital ER wait time.

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I think in the future if I ever want to work in the Hospital ER Department this research would improve my career advancement on many different levels. ER wait time can be greatly reduced by adding staff members to the ER department, as well as recruiting more on-call physicians and specialists. I want to research into ways in which emergency room wait times can be reduced by using technology to improve efficiencies and speed up patient processing, treating patients based on the seriousness of the injury and improvement of the overall customer service and management of the hospital flow.

Hospitals should be using technology to increase efficiency and I think that can reduce Hospital ER department wait time and their will be more satisfied patients.] Make sure your composition is error free. Then revisit the Unit 1, assignment 1 instructions for the two-step submission process.

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