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I am glad I live in 2014 because there is dentistry and orthodontics. I go to the dentist two times a year to get my teeth cleaned. I also used to go to the orthodontist once a month for my braces, until I got them off. I thought it was terrible but it was worth it.

Back in 10 A. D. Persians used ashes of goat hooves to clean their teeth.

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It made their gums bleed and caused infections. The Persians made goat hooves into ash and mixed it with water to make a paste. It may have caused infection because they thought they weren’t brushing enough, so they scrubbed until the gums bleed.In Europe during the1400s there was only one boar bristle tooth brush per family. Tooth brushes were a delicacy, so only one per family. If dad or anyone else had a cavity it would spread to anyone in the family. I believe that more sicknesses were spread because of this.

They were such a delicacy because they were expensive. They were so expensive that not every family had a tooth brush. In 1700s, like everyone else, George Washington had rotten teeth so he got his teeth yanked out. George Washington was twenty when his teeth were pulled.He had his teeth pulled out by his barber without pain killers. Sometimes when you had a cavity filled, you felt it really hurt. The pain killers help the most when getting teeth pulled.

In conclusion I am glad that I live in 2014. The things that the people had to go through, like getting teeth pulled and brushing their teeth with goat hooves. I am the most glad that I live in 2014 because there are new inventions every day.

Dentistry is growing and improving every day. People will look back at what we did and think it’s weird.

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