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Teens And Alcohol Teens and Alcohol Somewhere a mother waits up for her sixteen-year-old daughter who went to a ?birthday? party with her new boyfriend.

The girl?s curfew was ten o?clock and it is now twelve-thirty. There comes a knocking on the door, the mother opens it to find a police officer, hat in hand, trying to find the right words to break the news gently to the worried mother. The ?birthday? party was really a beer bash and at ten o?clock when the girl finally made it clear that she had to go home, the young man who had already had far too much to drink, decided to drive her home, and passed out while driving, on the train track. The locomotive was traveling about 80mph carrying the car about two miles down the tracks. The girl never had a chance to get out of the car before the train hit. The girl died on impact and the boy was pronounced DOA at the local hospital.

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There is a worried mother pacing the floor?. How many mothers have to have their families shattered by the unexpected death of their children alcohol, young, even, teens, parents, mother, drinking, drink, body, about, teenagers, should, people, out, grown, girl, friends, enough, child?s, children, car, best, worried, work, train, ten, teenager, scribbles, run, risk, results, really, pressures, party, o?clock

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