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Today’s teenagers are a lot more different from those of old times. Today’s teens are much more independent and smart. Their lives are not ruled by their parents but they rule their own lives. Teenage is the time when a person becomes what he is going to be for the rest of his life. That is why its very important what he does in his teenage years. Character is the most important part of one’s personality Teenage is also the time which is the most difficult and full of problems, struggles and mostly confusion. Approximately to 25% of persons who experience major stressful events develop oppression.

Some of the problems are well known by most of us, fights with parents, studies, and peer pressure. There are also many other problems such as stress Of finishing education and parent’s expectations. After that there is the worry of getting into a good college or university and even after the tension of getting a good job. This is what teenage is actually about worries and tension one after another. Psychological stress occurs when an individual perceives that environmental demands tax or exceed his or her adaptive capacity The biggest problem of teenagers are the vivid and frenzied motions.Emotions which we cannot suppress.

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Emotions of love, fear, frustration but most importantly love. During teenage its almost impossible not to get drawn towards someone else. It may be infatuation, just liking or even love but the feeling is new and just overwhelming. You feel like forgetting the rest of the world and just running after that person you are drawn to. It may create lots of problems or it may help you in someway, but its just inescapable.Exposures to chronic stress are considered the most toxic because they are most likely to result in long-term or permanent hangers in the emotional, physiological, and behavioral responses that influence susceptibility to and course of disease. And so are the other problems, there are a lot of other problems that teenagers face in today’s world. It means where teens are being harassed and abused.

Many a times they get into the dark world of drugs and crime, sex and violence. The only help you can give them would be guidance and support not lecturing or scolding them . You can be his friend and try to find out more about his(or her) problems.Consoling the child is not enough. Parents should try to understand the child and try to be genuinely considerate.

As a conclusion, there has been more causes of stress that faced by teenagers nowadays such as stress that occur towards relations among the friends, education and high expectation from family members . However, they are unavoidable parts of our life, so the only think we can do is to accept that existing situation and find efficient ways to reduce stress as much as possible. In stead of feeling nervous, we should enjoy our life and always think positively.

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