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Teenage Suicide

Mike Emme, a seventeen year old drove a bright yellow ?67 Ford Mustang. Mike worked really hard to restore his car. Mike being a gifted student was happy, helpful, and had a bright future. Mike being a kind man, he ordered a brand new transmission for his mustang, but he canceled it and bought two used ones from a salvage yard instead, so one of his friends could have his car up and running too. Mike was a very smart man; he learned how to remove a tracheotomy tube from his handicapped niece, he also learned how to sign to her. Mike was a great individual, but his life took a turn for the worse when his girlfriend broke up with him. She told Mike that she was engaged to someone else. One night he got into the front seat of his car and shot himself. Mike had written a note before he shot himself. The note had read, ?I wish I could have learned to hate. Don?t blame yourselves. Mom and dad, I love you. Remember I?ll always be with you.? The note was signed, ?love, Mike 11:45pm.? At 11:52 Mike?s parents and his brother came home seven

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