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Technology has
been a great factor in the way our civilization has grown. We are currently in
the midst of the computer revolution that is impacting the world and  everyday life in countless ways. The computer
researchers are coming with the new technologies that is changing the world
into modern computing environment. I being a millennial have experienced every
ounce of the change in the past 20 years. I have literally gone through the
phase of texting on a pager to developing UI for Iphones. Being a part of this
dynamic industry, I can sense that there are many more exciting discoveries and
applications of computer science yet to come, which increases  my curiosity towards the know-how of the
functioning and various aspects of these systems increased enormously, which
laid down the path for my entry into an Integrated Master’s Degree in Software

With an eager
enthusiasm to stay ahead of others, a feeling had sunk into my system that from
the very beginning I should aggregate all my knowledge and improve everyday to
stay at the top. It was this feeling that helped me survive through all those
sleepless nights, comprehending myriads of books during exams and especially
during projects. Books quickly became my best friends as they explained many
things to me, but there were few things that books alone could not explain  and my solace were the professors whom I
looked up as the knowledge givers. The results were always evidently fruitful
which gained me an opportunity to pursue Software Engineering degree.

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This inquisitive
nature of mine found its target in Software Engineering and that’s how my
adventure started. My education at Vellore
Institute of Technology (VIT University), one of the top 10 reputed
universities in India, has helped me to acquire strong background in the
fundamentals of the basic software engineering subjects like Problem Solving, Data
Structures and Algorithms, Theory of Computation, Database Management Systems, Operating
Systems, Computer Networks and few more. The course has also sharpened my
interest in Software Architecture and Design. I have also had an introduction
to specialized areas like Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Computing.

I have
channelized my time lines to learn software’s like Rational Rose by IBM, LOAD
UI, alongside my curriculum. This greatly fuelled my thirst for knowledge
and developed zeal towards learning the concepts and their applications. My under graduate program was a
judicious mix of theory and practice and out of those the subjects like Principles
of Software Engineering, Internet and Web Programming and Principles of User
Interface Design and Design Patterns fascinated me and I made efforts to acquire extended knowledge on them
outside the realms of my syllabus. These not only enhanced my learning but also
helped me later in my career growth.

I was enthralled by how data is transferred securely using
various methods of encryption and decryption. I developed interest in this
field and to expand my knowledge further in this I have done  my master thesis in it(Analyzing the Linear RSA Cryptosystems). This project aims to
understand the working of Linear RSA cryptosystem, analyze its strength, and
find ways to break into this system. I’ve come across many methods in this
process few that caught my interest were Pell’s RSA equation, Fermat
Factorization method and Wiener attack.
After rigorous calculations and countless hours spent with my professors we
were successful in  breaking into the
Linear RSA cryptosystem and I was able to generate multiple private keys by
which we could decipher the encrypted text to its original form.

A coin has two
faces. Similarly in my view, I feel that extracurricular activities are as
important as studies in estimating a person’s overall capacity. Being a member
of the team and working with different people helps in empowering ourselves. That
broad nature of learning made me strong enough to overcome my introvert nature.
At personal level, I have donated blood during the blood donation camps in our
college. I have also organized various events during our college
technical fests which have gained tremendous popularity and appreciation. I
have also presented technical papers on different topics in various colleges. I was an active member of my college’s
event management team and was appreciated by many for the management skills
that I possessed. Only a few people knew me as an artist; I enjoy sketching,
drawing and dancing.       

“The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of
our life, the clearer we should see through it.” It was about time for
me to step into corporate world as a professional. I was offered a job at Infosys Ltd., one of the world’s top
Multinational IT company and was specifically trained for Application
Development and Maintenance(ADM),
where the primary focus was on .Net, HTML5, CSS3 and few other frameworks. Post
training I started working as a UI/UX designer
and developer and gained great exposure in a very short span. That is when I
came across Responsive Web Design (RWD)
and got fascinated how a single webpage looks different when viewed on
different devices. I have spent countless hours understanding this magical art
and with the help of my mentors and technology leads I have gained the right
exposure to master it. During this journey of 2 years I have developed a goal
to become a full stack engineer.       

“A sense of
enormous expectation has born, the sense that one’s life is important, that great
achievements are with one’s capacity and that great things lay ahead”,

My professor
used to reiterate in class and that described perfectly how I felt and I still
persist to feel at the crossroads of my professional career. There is a strong
feeling with me that the knowledge I have acquired so far is still insufficient,
as knowledge is the largest ocean ever know to mankind. Hence, of the many
paths forked out, the one that seems more inviting and satisfying, towards
which my thoughts are unwaveringly oriented is the path towards attending more
knowledge coupled with perfection.

My dream of
becoming a successful entrepreneur in the future can be realized only if I take
a step towards it. As I go higher up the corporate ladder, apart from managing my
role in the project, I will be involved in the decision making and planning
process of the project. This can be made possible only through hard work and
rigorous research. An opportunity to pursue graduate studies at your
prestigious university having rich history, advanced laboratories and eminent
faculty would help me reach my goal.

To conclude,
with great anticipation I look forward for an admission in your esteemed
university. I would be pleased to work under the scholarly guidance of the
professors in the field of Computer Science Engineering. I possess a blend of
my good learning abilities and dedication towards this field and hence I
believe I can gain comprehensively advanced knowledge in this field from your
specialized masters program. I solicit a favorable consideration of my
candidature, into your esteemed institution and look forward to realizing my
academic aspirations.

Thank you for
giving me this chance to express myself.

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