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My conclusions from this was that I learned to be more accurate with my lab tools and became more familiar with the metric units of measurement, I was able to determine that the greater densities than water will sink as indicated by my results the density of water(1. Go/ml) and the density of the bolt (8 g/ml). Was also able to be more accurate with measuring temperature of water, and the differences in hot and boiling water and freezing or cold water that tap water ran between (20 degrees Celsius and 73 degrees Celsius) the boiling temperature of water is 1 00 degrees Celsius and the freezing point of water is O degrees Celsius.

And that their mass and volume were all similar. I was also became familiar with other measuring devises such as the graduated cylinder while measuring the density of the bolt I had to measure UT the difference in the water levels before and after the bolt was added to the water. And the microcomputer, found out that it holds about 4-5 ml of water and counted 99 drops.

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Sources of Error could have measured the graduated cylinder wrong, wrong setting on the scale, drops of leftover water in the graduated cylinder, read the thermometer wrong, Questions and Problems: A. What is the relationship between ml and cam? They both measure volume or they are the same thing B. Everyone knows that water is supposed to boil at 1000 C. Why did your water sample boil at a different temperature? It could have been measured after it started boiling C.

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