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TEACHING METHODS SUITABLE FOR THE TEACHING OF SKILL SUBJECTS IN BUSINESS EDUCATION. BY PAT N OBASI, EBONYI STATE LIBRARY BOARD, ABAKALIKI. Introduction: Teaching is a systematic presentation of facts, ideas, skills, and techniques to students. Although human beings have survived and evolved as a species partly because of a capacity to share knowledge, teaching as a profession did not emerge until relatively recently.

The societies of the ancient world that made substantial advances in knowledge however, were those in which specially designated people assumed responsibility for educating the young.The teaching profession has developed several methods for use to attain the desired goal of impacting knowledge to the students. We shall concern ourselves with the discussion of one of such methods used in teaching skill subjects in Business Education.

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Demonstration Method: Demonstration Method of teaching involves showing the student the response pattern that is desired. It is a method whereby the teacher will be demonstrating what he is teaching and the students will be imitating his actions. This method of teaching can be employed in teaching skilled subjects like Book-keeping, Typewriting, shorthand etc.For example, in teaching typewriting with the demonstration method, the teacher shows the student how to place their fingers on the keyboard i. e. which finger to place on which key, which one is the home key fingers etc. The teacher will also need to give verbal directions to the students to help them know how to pronounce words when teaching some skill subjects such as shorthand. For example, the consonant ‘Gay’ is not just pronounced as letter ‘G’ rather it is pronounced according to the sound.

Verbal directions thus will help the students learn when the teacher using this method calls on them to join him as he pronounced the words.This approach uses testing and competition to evaluate and motivate students. In the progressive approach, the student, rather than a set body of knowledge, is the frame of reference. The teacher’s role is to be conscious of the development stage and the capacity of each student.

The teacher will need to repeat the demonstrations to enable the students master the skill. He will also need to evaluate the students’ progress to see where he need further help. The student is seen as the person who does not yet have the required knowledge or values and the teacher as the person who has both and whose function it is to convey them to the students.

Principles guiding the use of demonstration method: 1. Emphases on the correct form of performing the task must start from the beginning. This will ensure that the students follow his movement pattern in other to become very proficient in the skills. 2.

Complex skills are gradually introduced following the correct sequence and emphasizing less on speed. 3. Accuracy would not be emphasized at the beginning so that the student will develop the correct working skill. Merits of using the Demonstration method in Teaching: 1.It helps the students to be active in the class as he follows along when the teacher demonstrates the methods.

2. It helps the student to develop confidence in his teacher, as he follows the teacher’s demonstrations and become convinced that the teacher knows what he is doing. 3. The student will cope and learn faster the objectives of the lesson because it is practical. 4. The teacher also has the advantage of knowing where the student is finding it difficult or need help and develops solution to the problem. Demerits of Using the Demonstration Methods: 1.The student can learn a poor pattern of performing a task if his teacher is not skilled in the area he is teaching.

2. It is difficult for many students to get the desired pattern or method in a class where there are many students, since they may not be seeing the teacher clearly. 3.

Slow learners will find it difficult to follow along if the teacher demonstrates at higher level of their understanding. The demonstration method in the classroom is a suitable way of improving the skills of students who imitate their skilled teachers. Thus the teacher is able to achieve his goal of impacting knowledge to the students.

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