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management has become a buzz word in today’s corporate HR agenda. In an
organization every individual is important as they contribute towards achieving
the business goals through their talent. Every organization requires the best
talent to survive and remain ahead in competition. Talent is the most important
factor that drives an organization and takes it to a higher level. Talent
contributes a great to the performance of the organization and its management
has direct impact on organizational excellence, and therefore, cannot be
compromised at all.  Talent management
within the organizations is a human resource strategy that seeks to identify,
develop, reward, and retain talented and potential employees. Talent management
includes a series of integrated systems recruiting, performance management, maximizing employee 
potential, managing their strengths and developing  ,retaining people with desired skills and aptitude .the
need of talent management is to compete effectively in a
complex and dynamic environment to achieve sustainable growth, to develop leaders for tomorrow from within an
organization ,to
maximize employee performance as
a unique
source of competitive advantage ,to
empower employees by cut down on high turnover rates and by reducing  the cost of constantly hiring new people .
The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of talent, talent management
strategies and its impact on performance of employees as well as on organizational
excellence. By reviewing the qualitative and quantitative research papers the
study has been conducted. This study empirically examines the extent to which
Talent Management, Performance, Work Life Balance and Organizational
effectiveness are correlated and its impact on organizational excellence. The
proposed model and theory have been tested by taking BPO industry and Retail

words: Talent Management, Talent Management Strategies,
Work Life Balance, Performance, Organizational excellence

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