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Your Name Computer Operator Career Summary I am CompTIA A+ certified engineer with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and having more than five years of professional experience working as a Computer Operator. How to write career summary Qualifications More than 5 years of experience as a Computer Operator. Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. CompTIA A+ Certified Engineer. Introduced proactive system maintenance in my previous Jobs to improve services. Use of server based software for mass system cleaning and optimization (CCleaner Enterprise) Exposed to a wide range of environments and setups.

Hard working, fast, team player, multi-tasked and dependable. How to choose qualifications Competencies Confguration and installation of computer hardware and software Troubleshoot all kinds of computer problems installation of printers, scanner and fax machines. Troubleshoot network devices. Troubleshoot connectivity issues. Ability to research and solve new problems. Ability to adapt to any environment and gain the required knowledge in short time. How to choose competencies Achievements How to choose achievements Weaknesses Weakness 1 Weakness 2 How to choose weaknesses Education Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Date

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College Name, Location Secondary School, Date School Name, Location If you have any honors from college, company or organization write here Second honor Third honor Certifications cornpTlA A+, Date Institute, Location CompTIA Network+, Date Trainings Training 1, Date Training 2, Date Professional Experience [From – To] Computer Operator, Information Technology IBX Technologies ( Information Technology ), Location www. ibxtechnologies. com Duties and Responsibilities Provided technical support by identifying, investigating and resolving technical problems. Installed, confgured and maintained computers, printers and scanners.

Provided hardware support to computers, printers and other devices when possible. Prepared new computers and upgraded existing ones on both hardware and software sides. Practised preventive maintenance to prevent failures. Responded and handled client raised tickets using the ticket support system. Updated and closed finished tasks and tickets as needed. Followed up on closed tickets to ensure proper resolution and elevate client satisfaction. Provided training to newly Joined employees and existing ones. Provided training to clients as needed. Update and maintain hardware inventory as per company policy.

Ensured updates nd patches are regularly installed on each computer using automated tools. Installation of software as needed. Skills Install and Configure Microsoft Operating System 2000, 2003, 2008, XP and 7. [Last used: 2 years. Total Experience: 5 years] Install and Configure Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010. [Last used: 2 years. Total Experience: 5 years] Microsoft Active Directory administration, troubleshooting and support capabilities. [Last used: 2 years. Total Experience: 5 years] Install and Confgure VPN. [Last used: 2 years. Total Experience: 5 years] Install and Confgure DHCP, DNS and WINS. [Last used: 2 years.

Total Experience: 5 years] Install and Configure Web and FTP servers. [Last used: 2 years. Total Experience: 5 years] Confguration of switches, routers, firewalls and other network devices. [Last used: 2 years. Total Experience: 5 years] Installation and configuration of desktop applications: Outlook, Antivirus etc… [Last used: 2 years. Total Experience: 5 years] Environments and Exposures Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows 2008 Windows 7 outlook 2003 outlook 2007 outlook 2010 Memberships Member of the International Information Technology Association Languages Read Write Speak English Excellent French Spanish

Personal and Contact Info Name: Gender: Your Gender Date of Birth: Your Date Of Birth Nationality: Your Nationality Marital Status: Marital Status Email: [email protected] com Mobile: +123456789 Phone: Address: Your Address References Reference Name, Reference Position or Job title Company or College working for Reference Email Reference contact number Second Reference Name, Second Reference Position or Job title Company or College working for Second Reference Email Second Reference contact number Third Reference Name, Third Reference Position or Job title Third Reference Email Third Reference contact number

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