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Abstract In this paper, you will read about the Sunshine Clinics Swot analysis to assess our clinic and environment. Swot will show our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The internal factors are our strength and weaknesses and our opportunities and threats are external factors. This is all part of out strategic plan. The reader will see how the Sunshine Clinic oper- ates, their strengths and weaknesses along with the outcomes, problems, vision and mission statements and our service strategy. In the closing there will be a summary of the over all plan.

SWOT ANALYSISThe Sunshine Clinic contains two other counties (Cumberland and Salem), made up of cities, suburbs, and country areas. There are four medical units served by our medical associates and polit- ical allies. Strengths: 5 clinical nurse practioners (2 paid & 3 volunteers), twenty physicians (5 paid & 15 volunteers) 15 medical assistants (7 paid & 8 volunteers), 8 volunteer nurses, 8 paid employees who help to run the clinic and its satelite offices, over 3 thousand patients, pharmacy and billing office.

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We have thirty-four volunteers. Committed staff members, all with experience in the medical field, either as medical or clinical, billing, etc.a very large population base in the area excellent realtionship with many community partners for health of patients (hospitals, radiology, pharmacies, labs, etc.

). volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses, that are involved in the nearby hospitals. We offer many healthcare programs, free diagnostic testing, labs, emergency services and hospital care free of charge or for a very low amount, excellent healing setting, good and professional service, and improved patient information. WEAKNESSES: Lack of voluteers in the country areas.

Some facilities without managers.Some under staffing and a few people taking care of many team jobs. Some of the medical and billing staff need retraining. Attachment to volunteers and staff members Problems learning new office technology. Added levels of shapes and bureaucracy in some offices, which leads to confusion about policies, procedures and /or requirements. OPPORTUNITIES: Community Partnerships. More effort in keeping a full staff, the ability to keep and hold onto out reach centers. Strong experiences among long – time staff and volunteers that can be shared with new volunteers.

More mutually relations with the community and surrounding areas.Potential participation with other clinics and hospitals. Growing Mexican population in Bridgeton. Four new sponsors.

THREATS: Lack of volunteers. Transportation problems for patients who need to go to one of the hospitals, labs, or diagnostic testing. Declining patient registration. The growing need for volunteer physicians in some of the remote areas. Definition of our management plan: The internal strengths of the clinic include new and innovative services for the patients and staffmembers (like our transportation services for patient’s who can’t afford to pay or have novechile or means to get to their appointments. Our clinic and satellite offices have the capabilities to handle over 3,000 to 4,000 patients and the cost is either nothing or very low. We our set up to even take people who have medical insurance and those who do not. Our cultural connections are very good among the diverse communities that we serve.

The Sunshine Clinic has and is being built on an extraordinary repution. Our staffmembers have experience and expertise in their positions and are the best in their areas (including all of our volunteers). There are plenty of other aspects that add value to our clinic and will assist us in our growing needs.We have limited marketing, in which we need to expand on. Some of our other offices have been short on staffmembers at times and that also needs to be addressed. We also have a lacking in management because we do not have enough managers to go around to all of the offices. Some of our new volunteers need to be re-educated to how the clinic works and what their responsibilities are.

Some of our opportunities for the staff and clinic is that we will be able to have community partnerships with more than one community at a time.The opportunity to grow our new outreach center and to keep a full paid staff working in that center. The clinic has a wonderfull opportunity to participate with other clinics and hospital through out New Jersey.

Our clinic will be able to give service to the growing Mexican population in the Bridgeton area. Because at the present time they have no services of this type. The Sunshine Clinic has picked up four new sponors from the area, who donates money every year to the clinic. Some of the threats that are causing problems at this time is lack of volunteers and problemswith not having enough buses to pick up all of the clinic’s patients. In some areas, like the city we have declining registration and in the rural areas (country areas) we need more volunteers physicians. Our goal is to perfect the clinic’s repution and to grow in the communities that the clinic operates in.

We will solicit other hospitals and communities to fill the volunteer spaces that need to be filled.To fulfill the need for more buses, we could ask for donations of old vans that are in good running conditions, and we could apply for a transportation grant and if that does not work we could ask the welfare departments to help with getting the patients to their appointments.For the management problem we could rotate the present managers we have, that means they will be in a different office every week.

All staffmembers,(volunteers and paid) will take a course at the college to learn the new office technology and will continue to do so once a month. There will be a meeting every two weeks to clear up any problems with procedures, policies or requirements because of bureaucracy. The Continues Improvement Plan for Sunshine Clinic:To measure our outcomes we will hire someone to oversee the problems that we face and make sure that everyone involved is notified with what is going on, not just in or with the clinic but also around the community.

They will also report to the administrators, to report and identify the service problems and suggestions to eliminate any performance gaps, whether we need to re-educate or get rid of the person causing the problem. The Action Plan: The action plan that we have devised will up hold are Mission and Vision statements.The clinic was developed to help the poor people in the community and this plan will allow us to provide high-quality services through larger personnel satisfaction and job performance. No person will go without great care because we will keep our customer service at the forfront of always treating our patients with respect, dignity, individualism in a very professional way. Summary of the Overall Plan: The Sunshine Clinic will keep growing and helping the people of the various areas that it cares for.

The plan in place should keep the clinic going for awhile but changes will have to be made continuously. The clinic is being built on reputation, integeity, and quality care that are patients will continue to get. The clinic will change with the technologies that help the medical field to keep growing. Our marketing strategies are growing right along with the clinic.

The clinic will always be driven by value and non-profit to do three thing; secure admission to affordable, quality services for proper healthcare to all, improvement of all patient healthcare, and to reveal and take part in new changing and effiicient ways to bring together, give care and to provide health professionals to our practice. Our current limitations are stated in the above format, which we can work out in our overall plan, like the shortage of volunteers, there are retired nurses who would or could work a couple of hours everyday by volunteering. References Fottler, Myron D. , Ford, Robert C. , & Heaton, Cherrill P. (2010).Achieveing Service Excellence: Strategies for Healthcare.

(Second Edition). Health Administration Press. A division of the Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives. One North Franklin Street, Suite 1700, Chicago, IL. 60606-3529.

Unit 5: The Overall Experience and The Swot Analysis. Course and Class Materials from Assignments One and Two. (2011).

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