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Suv Safety The Path to Safety I drive a 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra. It?s getting quite old and I will soon be looking for a new car.

One type of car I want to look at is a Sport Utility Vehicle. I am attracted to the roomy interiors and higher rides that are commonly found in SUVs. Also, my friends and my parents think that they are safer than other cars because they are heavier and ride higher. Safety is a big concern of mine and I have wondered my friends and family are correct. I decided to do some research to answer the question: Are SUVs safer than other cars SUV sales have skyrocketed since 1980 at about 250,000 sales per year to now at about three million sales per year. The Ford Explorer was one of the most popular SUVs of the 1990?s and helped boost the craze for SUVs. Currently there are about 73 different models of the popular vehicle and account for 25% of the new car market.

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An SUV is basically a light or medium truck molded into a new shape because most SUVs are built on truck chassis. suvs, cars, car, suv, dangerous, passengers, passenger, vehicle, trucks, per, higher, standards, one, light, built, because, sales, safety, safer, new, miles, medium, makes, gallon, crash, article, about, truck, steel, rollover, risk, ride, research, question, popular

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