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All 206 bones in our body work together to support our body day by day. The
vertebrae supports our
head along with giving us a good back structure. Our leg bones are extremely
strong as they hold up our body weight to support our upper body. 


Our body is enables to move due to the fact our bones, muscles and joints work as
one to allow us to walk, sprint and run. In addition to this the Vertebrae is a
vital bone that allows us to bend, stretch and rotate our body. Our muscles
produce muscular contractions that cause our bones to move which results in
physical action. Our bottom jaw-bone is jointed to the cranium which enables us
to perform a chewing process.  

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Many different parts of the muscular skeletal system protects different body
organs. The brain and its soft tissues are both protected by the Cranium which
is also known as the skull. In addition to this, the heart and lungs are
protected by our 12 pairs of ribs.  


 A joint is where two bones fit into another
bone which is rounded, the rounded shape holds the bone to be held securely
which enables movement. Muscles are attached to our bones by something called a
tendon, a tendon is made up of strong fibrous tissue. Similar to a tendon a
muscle is a bundle of strong fibrous tissues. Muscles give our body powerful
body strength e.g power to run.  


out-side layer of our bone is a thin closely compacted substance that holds our
blood and nerve vessels that supplies our bone with the right nourishment to
grow and maintain health this layer is called the Periosteum. The next layer is
typically known has the ‘hard’ layer, this is the layer you see on the human
skeleton. The next layer is made up of bones that are still very strong but not
as hard as a compact bone, in addition to this this layer contains cancellous
bones. Cancellous bones provides a
layer of protection for the inner bone. Inside the bone is bone marrow which is
similar to a thin jelly substance, its job is to produce blood cells. Almost
every bone in our body is produced of the same thigs.


muscular skeletal system is known for its protection and its support and
movement. The muscular skeletal system is made up of our body’s larger bones
and muscles in addition to this our joints such as elbows and knee caps are
part of this system too as they allow movement in our body. The muscular
skeletal system gives our body good structure, without the muscular skeletal
system our body would be all flabby and out of shape and vital organs will not
be protected. Our actual bones are made up of hard bone, soft bone and bone

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