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                                                      Study plan My backgroundand primary interests:This isMuhammad ibrar younas from Gojra, Punjab Pakistan.

I am self-motivated andsocially active person with high communication and interpersonal skills.From thebeginning I have been a prominent student of my class. i was awardedscholarship at national level in 10th and 12th standards.Due to my keen interest in mathematics and fascination for physics I chooseelectrical power as my major in  my undergraduatestudies. The excellent facilities, courses and faculty at government college oftechnology has given me a lot of drill both in theoretical as well as inimplementation aspects of electrical power. I have completed my undergraduatestudies in electrical engineering technology with majors (power, power systemprotection techniques, renewable energy and instrumentation and control) fromGovernment College of Technology affiliated with University of Engineering andTechnology Lahore Pakistan in October with a CGPA of 3.

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509 out of 4.00. Amaster’s degree in power system automation is the next logical step.Long termgoals:Myundergraduate study in the department of electrical engineering at universityof engineering and technology Lahore has exposed me to a stimulating academicenvironment where learning and research go hand in hand. Through manyopportunities I have had here, I have found that I have a deep interest inresearch work and a strong aptitude for a type of problem solving and problemdiscovery that it involves. I have therefore decided to pursue active researchin electrical power system automation as a career.

 My Immediate goal is to work towards a master’sdegree with a focus on power system automation.Whypower system automation:Afterconsidering my aptitude and type of work that i like to do, I am convinced thatI want to take up a research career in power system automation. Since a goodresearch career can only be built on a firm foundation of good education, so myimmediate objective is to pursue a masters degree in power system is an industry that have changes our lives. In a very short period it changed the way that we have looked at thethings since centuries. It is one industry that is going to shape our futurefor centuries to come. Hence my desire is to do a masters in power systemautomation.Projects:Smartdoor system:itprovides advance automation for the owners.

You must have seen automatic dooropeners at shopping malls, theaters and commercial buildings. This system isused to open the door when somebody comes near the entrance of the door andclose it after entered into the door. This project proposes a system ofautomatic opening and closing the door by sensing anybody movement nears thedoor. This is achieved with the help of ultrasonic sensor and aurdino.

Bluetoothcontrol door lock:Thisproject is about to create a door lock which can be controlled by androidapplication and should be password protected. The concept is to be independentof others  and avoid waiting at the doorstep when we came back to home or avoid to hassle of going to open the doorwhen someone knocks the door from outside.Byusing this lock you can control your lock by using your existing android phone.You can control the lock within the Bluetooth connectivity range (30-60 feetwith and without concrete respectively).Experience:Ihave also worked as a trainee engineer at dera ghazi khan cement industry (aleading cement company in Pakistan) . My major job responsibilities are:maintenance and automation of industry’s power system and machines along withplanning and proper allocation of the available resources to achieve the smoothoperation of the plant by conducting active and preventive maintenanceactivities.

Here in DGKCC I have learned, research and practically implementedthe application of electrical engineering. I have also learned about electricaldevices like relays, circuit breakers (oil, vacuum, air and SF6) , programmablelogic controllers, human machine interface DCS systems and instrumentationdevices. This short stint has given me a invaluable experience. It has given methe confidence to pursue a master’s degree and also kindled a desire to doresearch.Sociallife activities:E-CLUB:Inaddition I have been a technical support member of “E-CLUB”(departmentaltechnical society) for the past four years. Through its workshops/seminars likespeed wiring and PLC programming skills competitions it has exposed me to a lotof emerging technologies in the field of electrical automation.Mypersonality:Byfact I am a socially active person with friendly nature, a good communicator indeedwho is blessed with many friends. I keep a keen view on reality of life thusapproaches people with positive mind and attitude and always prove to be helpfulwith honest efforts and true dedication.

I am brave in facing my shortcomingsand good at self-correction and self-analysis, which has helped me to become successfulin past and will lead to me to even greater success in future.WhyI choose china for my further studies?Readingthe books, watching the news and by analyzing and observing the peoples ofchina, I really impressed by the way these individuals have prove themselves tobe dedicated to their work and with true efforts they set china a successful examplefor other third world and developed countries. The fast growing economy, technologicaladvancement and global ranking institutes of china with high reputation hasinspired student from whole world for better career prospective. Thus such kindof positivity has boosted my confidence further and I am completely satisfiedwith the decision I have taken. Ipersonally like china for its cultural diversity, friendly natives and highquality of education. Chinese education is known as world class education.

One ofthe most important fact that I made myself to choose china because of itsuniversities. We can easily find all types of education under the one roof. Anykind of university for any kind of study for any level is available in allmajor cities of china.

i have also found out good things about Chinesetransportation system which is affordable for everyone.CPECis considered to be game changer in term of opening vast career and business opportunitiesfor the youth of Pakistan in near future. The CPEC project will be beneficial forme. After completion of my study there are many opportunities fir me in Pakistanbecause energy generation will be a major focus of CPEC project. So I choosechina for my further studies.Whyshanghai Ocean University:Ihave selected shanghai ocean university as a place for me to continue with myeducation because I found the program offered in power system automation hasperfectly meet my needs. i have found electrical department faculty andresearch being carried out  in powersystem, especially in electrical reliability, power system  and new energy to be very impressive.

I feelthat to be associated with this group for many years of my masters studies willstand me in good stead for my research career. i have also impressed by thefacilities available here for research and education. These are much superiorto those available to a graduate student in Pakistan. Taking all these factorsinto account I feel shanghai ocean university as a perfect place for my mastersstudies and I am confident that I will make positive contribution to theongoing research work at shanghai ocean university.

Moreimportantly, I am particularly keen on Wang shimming’s ongoing research marineengineering equipment and marine renewable energy and looking forward to learnfrom him and if possible become a member of his elite team. I am also ratherexcited about electrical lab at the university and the excellent infrastructurewhich would assist me in my aspiration to carry on my own independent research.Mygreatest expectation from this degree program is that I can build up a firmfoundation for a fruitful career in electrical power system automation.


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