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Study of Human BodyVibrations -Pathway for Biomedical Engineering Both for Detection andDevelopment of Novel Techniques to Conquer Over Human Diseases.ANANDA S. PAYMODE 1  PREETI P. KALE2,DEVENDRA L.BHUYAR31 Assistantprofessor 2 Assistantprofessor ,3Assistant Professor  [email protected]

com, [email protected], [email protected] Abstract. The vibration generated fromhuman body describes the state of human body. The universe madeup with vibrating energy at different frequency. The whole body vibration isthe of the range, from 0.

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5 to 100 Hz. It is necessary to weight the measuredvibration depend on how much vibration generated at each frequency and bodyvibration different for different frequency. The frequency of heart bit havingsmall variations about 70 beat per minute for healthy adults. The frequency ofheart bit calculated by number of heart bit in one minute divide by 60 which isin hertz .The range of resonant frequencies was found which is from 9 to 16 Hzand independent of mass to height ratio.

The frequency of male is 12.2 Hz andfor female 12.8Hz with an overall mean population value of 12.3Hz. Thephysical interaction of human body with its environment needed a sensor systemto function effectively. The proposed sensor system measures the human body environmentinteractive force & pressure information which can be converted toelectrical signals.

The system is helpful for artificial intelligence, neuralnetwork, and machine learning in field of human machine robotic and cybernetic.The proposed sensor system has advantages like light weight, low powerconsumption, flexible, simple design and high sensitivity.Keywords: vibrationalenergy, quantum level, artificial intelligence, machinelearning, neural network.1  IntroductionA body is vibrating whenit describes an oscillating motion about a reference position. The frequencywhich is measured in hertz (Hz) is said to be the numbers of times a cycletakes place during the period of one second, the vibrations are present in different situationsof daily life. The every material vibrates with its own frequency. The proposedsystem effects of whole-body vibrations in human being cover a broad range oftopics and different responses has been reported ranging from beneficial to dangerous.

On the other hand, in the last 10 year several controlled studies suggest the positiveeffects of whole body vibrations in strength or power development flexibility, bodybalance and bone mass. This controversy explains parameter like frequency,amplitude, direction or duration of vibration loads. Therefore, it is difficultto find out conclusions about the chronic effects of whole-body vibrations onhumans.    The humanmuscle activity relate to vibration which is monitored and recording by electromyographically(EMG) signal. Several studies has reported a significant increase in EMG signalof different lower body muscles after whole body vibration  exposure compared with the same positionwithout vibration .

These changes have been suggested to be due to an increasein neuromuscular activity. As per the best knowledge, there is no such developmentconcerning the effects of different external loads and frequencies on EMG response.The whole body vibrations protocols widely used at the time of sport trainingfor fitness facilities which include the combination of different externalloads and frequencies. Thehuman health, clarity of mind, mood and inner balance, depend very strongly, onthe frequencies exposed to or take into from our body. The optimal frequency isin order, when we are in balance our vibration is in unison with the law of vibration.

Therefore, the objective of this paper is to prepare the analysis ofdifferent part of body vibration and frequency of them to perform a comparativestudy. The system has been proposed to implement on a body to perform basicanalysis of low frequency signal which is generated by humanbody.2.1.

AI SignalArtificialintelligence (AI) or machine intelligence (MI) is understanding  of machines, in contrast withthe natural intelligence (NI) displayed by humans and other animals. The Artificialintelligence technology is a fast growing in the universe. The Artificialintelligence (AI) signal is extremely low frequencies artificial intelligenceparasites involved in the central nervous system of human body to monitor andexamine a person’s thought patterns. Fig.

1. frequency generation structure.Theintelligence or understanding of any system that perceives its environments signalor habits and takes actions that increase the chance of success for some goal. TheAI signal prepares the body to environments conditions and the all AI parasitetechnology, which controls the human being and prepare the body for somededicated task, this is an integrating AI technology and bioengineering .Thefundamental basis of the AI technology is to take possession, by downloading AIinto the human brain and neurology. It is simple or possible to clear theentire AI signal from your nervous system, brain and body when you become awareof it. However, you must change your consciousness, and elevate your frequencyin order to keep the AI signal from returning.

The learning of, how meditateand perform spiritual cleansing (housekeeping) for your human body is ofcritical importance to clear Artificial intelligence.2.2.  ExtremelyLow Frequency (ELF)Thehuman body which emits electromagnetic waves and the signals used to controlmost brain and body functions exist in the extremely low frequency scale. The extremelylow frequency (ELF) is the electromagnetic radiation or radio wave in the rangeof frequency from 3 Hz to 300 Hz.

The frequency of alternating current (AC) flowingin electric power grids is 50 Hz and also falls within the ELF band, makingpower grids another source of extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation. The mindslide programming for a human being completely ignores unapproved words, issuesthat involve their own enslavement or uncovering truth in the reality, even ifthey come face to face with it. The mind slides are the mind control andconsciousness sweeping designed to erase memories that can be implementedthrough low frequency radio waves. These transmissions form frequency bandsthat transmit into the person’s unconscious mind through their bio-energeticfield, generally making them suggestible to certain destructive thought forms(suicide, pedophilia, sex and drug addiction, killing people, etc.).Theextremely low frequency (ELF) combined with mind control is without a doubt,the most dangerous and deadly weapon of psychological warfare designed tocontrol and enslave people across the globe. Extremely low frequency signalsare used as a high technology weapon, which are natural brain waves.

 Theextremely low frequency (ELF) is not only used to brainwash and take overpeople’s minds, it is used to physically attack them as well. The implants andmind control technology are real, the technology exists and the hardware hasbeen in place for many years.Thehuman body is a crystal oscillator and frequency resonator, which unconsciouslypicks up and absorbs many different extremely low frequencies (ELF) and radiowaves, depending on what station of frequency and consciousness that person istuned in to.  Thus, we need to understand the spectrum of frequency, inthe electromagnetic wave spectrum, and be aware of ELF’s and radio frequencyimpacts, in order to help protect ourselves from electronic harassment by understandingwhat is being transmitted into the environment.2.

3.  Electromagnetic energywave signalsThenerve impulses are the electrical energy signals which create energy around thebody and electro-magnetic energy waves which can travel away from the body. Thebetter understand of electromagnetic signals within the consciousnessof the human body, and raise awareness of the multiple sources of exposures .Electromagnetic Signalsare directly responsible for the electromagnetic wave representation that weaccess.  This can be through of any kind of data transmission and itsenergetic frequency signature.Thedata transmission is the communication of energetic information, whichtransmits and propagates the ranges of frequencies that form electromagnetic signals.When there are spiritual initiations then receiving data transmissions into ourlight body.

These frequency entered, which allow us to embody higherfrequencies are made through electromagnetic signals. The human body whichis made up of atoms, ions and molecules.  The ions are atoms with extraelectrons or missing electrons, when atom is missing an electron, it has apositive charge.

When an atom having extra electron, it has a negative charge.The system that creating the electrical energy inside our body is structures whichis called as ions. Ions may exist in solid, liquid, or gaseous environments,although those in liquid are more common. Most ionic compounds fall in thecategory of chemicals called salts.

The ions exists in a liquid areelectrolytes. An electrolyte is compound that, in solution, conductselectricity and is decomposed or electrolyzed by the electricity.2.4.  DNASignalsTheDNA signal is the sequence pattern which recognized by a protein and othermolecule, binding sites for proteins on DNA are the signals. The DNA sequencesemit low frequency electromagnetic (EM) waves which make up DNA signals thatorganize the nucleotides, which arrange the pattern of raw material of the DNA.The DNA signals which communicate with each other, by receiving data transmissionsthat evolve into new patterns of DNA.

The Human red blood cells contain DNAemitting signals. The important to DNA is that which not inject other DNAsubstances directly into our blood stream. When another species DNA is injectedinto the bloodstream, this interferes with the human DNA’s ability to recognizeother human DNA signals, and blocks DNA communication with all members of thesame species. The living organisms interact and interconnect with electromagneticwaves and all of the earth’s inhabitants, have original earth based DNA, whichis resonant to the low frequency waves. The range of low frequency is which is producedby the human brain, when relaxed in alpha and theta states.

The extremely lowfrequencies which artificially or naturally generated can phase with these samefrequencies in the human body, having a group of elements impacts on human electromagneticsignals.3   Signalresponse analysis in human body 3.1. Emissionresponse Fig.2. Spectral emission human body3.

2.  Smallfrequency signal generated from human bodyTable 1. Frequency generated from human body. Body parts Frequency(Hz) Shoulder girdle 4-5 Chest wall 50-60 Abdominal mass 4-8 Spinal column(axial mode) 10-12 Knee (seated person) 2-20 Eyeball 25 Head(axial mode) 20-30 Hand grip 50-200 4   ConclusionThe proposed analysisdescribed the characteristic of human body frequency can be used in neuralnetwork, robotic, artificial intelligence and human machine interface.

Theanalysis is also helpful in field of biomedical research for better understandingof frequency and vibration generated from human body. In futuristic applicationit will minimise the cost of all human body test.In the future scope the design and implemented usingdifferent technology is playing important role.References 1    Shih-Lun Chen,Jocelyn Flores Villaverde Ho-Yin Lee, Wen-Yaw Chung, Ting-Lan Lin, Chih-HaoTseng and Kuei-An LoA “Power-Efficient Mixed-Signal Smart ADC Design with Adaptive Resolutionand Variable Sampling Ratefor Low-Power Applications”DOI10.1109/JSEN.2017.2680472, IEEE Sensors Journal.

2    Senthil Kumar Kirthika, GodwinPonraj, and Hongliang Ren” Fabrication and Comparative Study on Sensing Characteristicsof Soft Textile-layered Tactile Sensors,” Citationinformation: DOI 10.1109/LSENS.2017.2708425, IEEE Sensors Letters.3    M.

M.A. Hashem, Rushdi Shams, Md. Abdul Kader and Abu. Sayed “Designand development of a heart rate measuring device using fingertip” 3rd IEEEInternational Conference on Computer and Communication Engineering (ICCCE’2010),Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 2010.4    Ana-MariaCretu, Thiago Eustaquio Alves de Oliveira, Vinicius Prado da Fonseca, BilalTawbe, Emil M.

Petriu, Voicu Z. Groza “Computational Intelligence and MechatronicsSolutions for Robotic Tactile Object Recognition” 978-1-4799-7253-1/15/$31.00©2015 IEEE.5    SitiZura A. Jalil1, Mohd Nasir Taib, Hasnain Abdullah, Megawati Mohd Yunus FrequencyRadiation Characteristic around the Human Body. ISSN: 1 36 473-804x online,1473-8031 print.

DOI 10.5013/IJSSST.a.12.01.05.

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 Onlinedocument.1.”Electromyography response duringwhole-body vibrations of different frequencies with progressive external loads” Digital – Buenos Aires – Año 10 – N° 93 – Febrero de 20062. Measurement of the Human Biofield and Other Energetic Instruments 

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