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Augustine early church father, “church as ark” literature about Catholicism, 6. Baptism act of cleansing, John, water, Jesus 7. Bible Moralse, “Lot’s Family” (13th century illuminated manuscript) – / Christian retelling of Stood and Sonogram, Christians leaving by way of Lot, wife as pillar of salt, birth of daughters of lot/ Christian remaining of Sacrifice of Isaac as being the crucifixion of Christ, one image over other, you see Isaac carrying cross 8.Fingerprinting’ of Isaac: Test of faith vs..

Christian allegory of the sacrifice Of Christ 9. Canniest: people of Canaan, promised to Abraham eventually fulfilled when given to Israel by God. The Canniest are driven out of their land in the book of Joshua. Portrayed as heathen like people 10. Christ messiah of the Christians, died and risen for sins, new testament Comedy vs.

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. Tragedy Shakespearian categorization of plays, tragedy ends in death, comedy with marriage.Comic u-shape structure: situation presented developed, darkened, shift in plot, moves toward “happy ending” ; Comic story: Joseph (Genesis 37-50) begins as Jacobs favorite child, sold into slavery, Egyptian prison, ability to interpret dreams; rises to power second to pharaoh, family reunited in Egypt. ; Tragedy: Samson (Judges 13-16) miraculous birth and super human strength, tragic flaw- reveals source of strength to Delilah, dies weak and blind topping Philistine temple on self and victimsConcupiscence (Lust) -description Of Lot’s daughters when they choose to seduce Lot to save humanity. ; Lust entered the garden with the fall ; Lust led to bondage of will ; Lust for power, not just sexual ; Before the fall, lust didn’t “move members” humans had control over sexual organs Lot complex’ / importance of story as lens Conquest Narratives- Joseph leads the Israelites on a conquest to Canaan after Moses leads the Israelites on a conquest out of Egypt Copenhagen School: -Copenhagen school, much of bible written in Persian period, much later late, post-Babylon.

Israel not as social entity before 6th entry BCC, Torah elite group of scribes, **Elite scribes/ priests probably based on older sources, IEEE documentary based on older texts, why we see duplication of stories, trying to organize series of different stories, single narrative despite fissures that exist. 1 1 .Covenant agreement/ contract between man and God IEEE Moses and tablet David second king of Israel/ musician and also exorcist? 12. 13. Death of Moses 14.

Deborah Delilah: cuts of Gammon’s hair in his sleep, Philistine, 16. Desperate 15. Housewives Credits: biblical allusions, apple, tree of knowledge, betrayal 17. Deterministic History 18. Deterministic Ideology of Kingship horses/money/wives 19.Deuteron book of bible,contains mostly laws/edicts for living life – contains the story of the ten commandments Documentary Hypothesis: -traditional theory, Moses wrote it Documentary hypothesis (4 sources) Yeah, Priestly, Determinist Eulogist 4 Priestly 550 Bcc, key moment in ancient history of Israel, elites from Judea have been exiled from their land by Babylonians (ruling power ancient near east) they had sacked Jerusalem, had taken king and court to Babylon where they remained for 50 years (exile), strong case for priestly source, this is errors/ group responsible for first 4 books of torah, 6th century – Exile and Restoration 20.

Dominion: narratives of control vs.. Care in Adam and dealings with land and animals, ecology, knowledge Of animals, pro-life/ allegorical purpose Of the idea – dominion as returning to paradise state 21 . East: Heaven, Paradise, Israel -? always moving to the East, there is a directional aspect to the bible. 22. East pediment of the U.

S. Supreme court Building (sculpture) / displays three important pre-western figures seen as the sort of forefathers to knowledge in Western Civic. Most prominent is Moses holding empty tablets of ten commandments. 23.Eden: Garden where God places man and animals, ontologically “East” or “Above”, meant to be place of perfection. Here Adam lost his knowledge of the animals.

24. Eve: First woman/ created from rib/ created equal – “helper embodied evil, betrayal, serpentine, the original temptress. She is a model of woman used over and over in popular culture. 25. Exile/Restoration: Biblical theme, present also in other near- east texts of the time, defines a basic arc pattern that presents itself throughput bible, the people are wrong, they are exiled, they repent and are restored.The exile loud be the fall, it could be the flood, the restoration in either case is followed by a covenant. 26. Exodus (the event): Jews were exiled to the forest for forty years when Judas was conquered by the Babylonians, advent of written bible.

27. Fall/Resurrection: Christian version of exile/rest – IEEE fall fro heaven and covenant, Jesus dying for sins followed by his resurrection. Flood: thematic cleansing story, the idea of a flood is fantastic in desert, it ca be an allegory for change, it follows the fall and leads to the resurrection, it represents a righting of the world.Patriarchal narrative of genesis, function of loud stories – very common, this is a borrowed motif, divide primordial history from history leading up to the present, historical present of composers of the text. Reading – Raman/ Myth but not necessarily false, contains deep truths, making this myth calls this a sort of narrative and argues that some truth can only be conveyed by a narrative, so what is this deep truth 28. Golden Calf: festival preceding Moses going to Sinai to get the tablets, revelry/sexuality meant to be tempered by the new commodiousness 32: When Moses went to Mount Sinai to write the 10 commandments.People anted someone to worship so the people gave Aaron their gold and he made a calf ; Known as sin of calf; not supposed to have idol worship ; Lord gave people of plague as punishment ; Moses was passed so he smashed the tablets and had to re-write them ; Symbolic of how the people violated one 10 commandments without knowing what they are – Moses ordered the people to kill one another 29.

Goliath fought David, David killed him with a sling/ perfection of manhood 30. Growth Model feminist remaining of Adam and eve/creation 31.Homosexuality vs..

Hospitality: Stood and Samovar/ idea of offering up shatters to save visitors from sodomy’s idea of sex being implied via word “know’ parallel to Gibber 32. Horned Moses: originally depictions of horned Moses kept with artistic portrayal of Eastern religious figures/ gods at the time, through history reinterpreted vise anti-Semitism, “horned Jews” 33. Hospitality of Abraham 34. Icebreaker Wool Advertisement: Adam and Eve/ Apple/ naked/ nothing to do with the bible, ideas about temptation 35. Jefferson/Franklin U.

S.Seal -? depicts the Jews fighting the Pharaoh and the Egyptians / the wall of fire / Moses 36. Jonathan Winthrop governor of Mass. County, “chosen people” into the wilderness, remaining himself in the image of Moses, and Greek and Roman lawgivers. 37.

Joshua (the book) book following exodus, story of the Israelites coming into Canaan, this is conquest narrative 38. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho (song) Amelia Jackson/ gospel singer/ civil rights movement 39. Josiah early king of Judas,following Ammo, religious reforms, use tax money to rebuild the temple 40.

Lot Complex: idea of leaving behind the past to imbue the future with history by way of paternal relationships – IEEE father-child “remember Lots wife” 41 . Lot’s Daughters – two daughters of Lot who ancestrally give birth to Christian mankind after destruction of Stood and Samovar -? ancestors of Jewish kingship; Symbolic of productivity of women ; Allegory of patriarchy and the place of women; their sexuality is equal to their social position – both had Lot’s children – can also be seen as symbol for women becoming reasoning beings and wanting to continue their line 42.Martin Luther King, Jar. : Civil rights leader/ use of bible as a symbol/ Moses Missal of Antes (illuminated manuscript) ; Symbolic of productivity of women Allegory of patriarchy and the place of women; their sexuality is equal to their social position – both had Lot’s children wanting to continue their line/ carrier 43. Myth 44.

Noah 45. Pentateuch: First Five books/ Moses authorship/ Jewish Bible/ primeval and Patriarchal history of the Bible: 46. Poetries Missal, “Christ in Majesty’ (illuminated manuscript) Christ seated on throne as ruler of world 47.

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Describe the purpose, methods, and nursing management related to non-invasive and invasive respiratory care strategies (I. E. , DDCD, spectrometry) for patients with respiratory robbers.

2. Discuss the purpose, significance, and nursing management strategies of the results of respiratory system diagnostic studies. Key Terms: Pleural membranes: Visceral pleura and Parietal pleura Elastic recoil Compliance Tattletales Occasions Despise Orthogonal Homeostasis Hyperventilation Hypoxia Hyperspace Hyperventilation Tachyon Broadened Retractions Accessory muscles Barrel chest Kewaskum breathing Cheyenne-Stokes Bitts breathing Clubbing of fingers Respiratory Acidosis Normal Lung sounds: Vesicular Bronchial Prehistorically Respiratory Alkaloids Metabolic Acidosis Metabolic AlkaloidsPeak flow meter Adventitious lung sounds: Wheezing Orphanage’s airway Moneychangers airway Strider Pleural friction rub Voice sounds: Cacophony Francophone Incentive speedometer Rhinos Nursing Diagnosis: Ineffective airway clearance Ineffective breathing patterns Altered health maintenance Sleep pattern disturbance Impaired gas exchange Activity intolerance Alteration in nutrition Pain Impaired verbal communication Body image disturbance Risk for infection/infection Self-care deficit Sexual dysfunction Ineffective coping Diagnostic Test: Anxiety Describe procedure and significance of each.Arterial blood gas (BAG) Chest x-ray Bronchus’s Pulse geometry CT scan Pulmonary Function Test Lung scan WAS scan MR..

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.. Thorniness Lung biopsy Sputum studies Hog and HCI Pulmonary mammogram B.

The Patient with Respiratory Problems Objectives: At the end of this unit the student will be able to: 1 . Describe the nursing responsibilities for patients with respiratory problems, including: sleep apneas, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, asthma, and lung cancer. 2. Explain the types of chest surgery and appropriate nursing management during the pre- and postoperative periods. 3.Plan appropriate care for patients with chest tubes. 4. Describe the multiple, complex needs of patients with chronic respiratory problems and implications for effective nursing care: COOP.

5. Administer medications appropriately and safely to patients with respiratory problems. 6. Provide effective teaching to patients using multi-dose inhalers (MDI) and unbelievers. 7.

Describe the age-related changes in the respiratory system and differences in assessment findings and clinical treatment. Key Terms Apneas Hyphened Pleurisy Pleural effusion Mayhem Periphrastic Meningitis Undemocratic Cord Pulmonary Bulla TracheotomySame as part A Same as part A plus: Paleography’s (EGGS) Radiotelephone’s test (RASA) Respiratory Study Guide 1 . Describe the mechanisms that regulate acid-base balance. 2. Your patient returns from a bronchus’s. What are the nursing responsibilities you need to consider? 3. What symptoms do you expect to encounter for a patient with an airway obstruction? 4. What are the predisposing factors for pneumonia and bronchitis? 5.

Identify the infection control precautions implemented when caring for a patient with pneumonia. 6. What pharmacological agents are used for pneumonia?Give consideration to patient teaching. . A patient with pneumonia has a nursing diagnosis of ineffective breathing pattern related to pain. What nursing interventions are indicated for this diagnosis? 8. Describe the similarities between asthma and COOP.

9. Describe the different types of oxygen delivery systems available to adult patients. 10.

Describe what the term pneumonia and hemorrhoid mean and the treatment considerations for the condition. 11. You are caring for a patient with a chest tube connected to CACM of suction. The chest tube comes apart causing the patient shortness of breath, pain, and anxiety.What do you do to correct this situation? 2. Define the following terms: Tracheotomy— Lobotomy— Appendectomy— 13.

Your patient is 16 hours post-pop and has tattletales and a fever of 102. What are the nursing interventions to be implemented in order of priority? 14. Study the causes and interventions when encountering the following conditions: Respiratory acidosis Respiratory alkaloids Metabolic acidosis Metabolic alkaloids Acid Base Disturbances: Respiratory Acidosis: CO retention related to hyperventilation. In acute situations, the pH is < 7.

5 while chronic conditions can remain normal due to the kidneys having time to compensate. Causes of this condition can be due to pneumonia, respiratory failure, airway obstruction, atelectasis, obesity, head injury, neuromuscular problems such as 6B, MG, and spinal cord injury. Certain drugs such as anesthetics, hypnotics, narcotics and sedatives can cause respiratory acidosis. Signs and symptoms include apprehension, confusion, diaphoresis, dyspnea with rapid shallow breathing, nausea and vomiting, restlessness, tachycardia, tremors, warm, flushed skin, and muscle weakness.

Because potassium leaves the cell in acidosis, expect to see K+ levels greater than 5. Treatment goals are to improve ventilation by lowering the APPC level. If non-pulmonary conditions are the cause, then the underlying condition is treated. Other treatments include prognosticators, antibiotics, supplemental oxygen, chest physiotherapy, coughing and deep breathing, incentive speedometer. If hyperventilation cannot be corrected, expect the patient to be initiated and placed on mechanical ventilation.Respiratory Alkaloids: Excessive exhalation of CO or hyperventilation which is usually associated with anxiety or pain. Can also occur with silicate intoxication, overuse of nicotine and xanthiums.

Hyperbolical states such as fever or sepsis can cause alkaloids. Anemia and asthma are other causes. Signs and symptoms include increase in respiratory rate, tachycardia, restlessness, anxiety, muscle weakness, depression, tenant.

In the chronic phase, the HECK drops. Calcium levels drop as do the potassium levels.Treatment includes decreasing the respiratory rate, use of rebirth bag, sedation to reduce anxiety, breathing exercises, and institute safety measures if the patient is at risk for seizures. Metabolic acidosis: Excessive loss of HECK from extracurricular fluid, an accumulation of metabolic acids or both can occur with diabetic acidosis’s, diarrhea, renal disease, starvation, or shock. This can be a secondary condition due to hepatic diversion, or pulmonary conditions. Such medications as potassium- sparing diuretics or aspirin/aspirin-containing products.

Signs and symptoms include hyperventilation, Kewaskum respirations, hypertension, confusion, stupor, coma, diminished muscle tone and deep tendon reflex, nausea and vomiting, dull headache, warm and dry skin that can become clod and clammy if shock occurs. Treatment includes replacing HECK while treating the underlying cause. For example, respiratory must occur first. Treating diabetic acidosis’s with rapid acting insulin occurs if the condition is present. Sodium vicars is given to patient with pH less that 7. 1.

Fluid replacement, dialysis, antibiotics are also considered.Metabolic alkaloids: Excess vicars results when more base is retained in the blood that can be neutralized or excreted. Most common causes include loss from GIG tract such as ENG suctioning, vomiting, pyloric Stetsons. Can occur with electrolyte imbalances such as hypoglycemia, hypochlorite, and hypothermia. Medications causing problems include the ethicize and loop diuretics, antacids, corticosteroids and sodium vicars. Signs and symptoms include slow shallow respirations, anorexia, apathy, confusion, Hyannis, hypertension, nausea and vomiting, weakness, muscle twitching, numbness and tingling around the mouth, fingers, and toes.

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