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All citizens attend the Greek Assembly to discuss, revise and pass new laws. T his is an example of Oligarchy 13. The idea of indirect democracy can best be defined as All citizens meet in one place to make laws for their state 14. An oligarchy is defined as a form of government in which a small group having control over a country, or institution 15.

Which ideals contributing to the rise of democracy come from Greece? Worth,Dignity of the individual,rational freedom 16. The Western political idea of rule of law originated from principles put forth b y the Democracy 17.According to Plato, people are chosen for public service based upon lack of anything meaningful in their life 18. Which form of government did Plato hold in the highest esteem? Philosopher 19. According to Aristotle, the best government was ruled by Educated middle class 20. Tyranny is unreasonable because the military is war. Only philosophers possess the necessary intelligence for ruling. This idea comes from Plato 21.

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Greek philosophers rejected the idea that events were caused by the gods’ who aims because 22. Romans established which form of government?The Roman Republic 23. Which document of the Old Testament in the Bible has the first remnants Of written law? 24. What was the moral of the Parable of the Good Samaritan, as told in the Goops l of SST. Luke? 25. What is one difference between the Osteoarthritis and Groomsman religions? Osteoarthritis’s influenced democracy and Groomsman 26. People?s visible actions & the desires of their hearts, must be in line with God’ s laws.

This was taught by Christianity 27. What overarching philosophy is taught by the Christians and imparts equality to all? Stoics 28.God created people with the same ability to reason morally.

This makes them equal, and equally responsible to live up to the same moral codes and principles. This IS based on which tradition? Roman Law 29. Taxation without representation and due process of law were sights first expressed in which document? The Magna Cart 30. The representative assembly in England that counsels the king is called Common Counsel 31. Which document arose out of the Middle Ages as a triumph for democracy? 32.

Why was the Great Charter, or Magna Cart, an important document? o strengthen the idea that a monarchs power was limited 33. Which democratic principles were expressed in the Magna Cart? Separation of the church and state, no taxation 34. 35. 36.

Without representation, no secret meetings of government,no right to take away any property, due process Of law,safe for citizens to travel without restrictions The Magna Cart’s most important legacy to democracy was the idea of ‘The Rule Of Law ‘ Review all 10 questions on the Magna Cart (King John at Runnymede) What did the Renaissance era begin to incorporate less of?Importance of the individual Which Reformation characteristics contributed to the rise of democracy? Strengthening on the individual Semester Final 2013 38. Which is the idea that kings are chosen by God & are only responsible to Good 39. How can the powers of the monarchs be described throughout the 1 sass? 40. Why was the Revolution of England hailed as “glorious”? 41. Which document, written in 1 689, limited the powers of the monarchy in Engle and? 42.

Which king replaced James II Of England at the end Of the Glorious Revolution ? 3. The significance of the Glorious Revolution of England was that it saw the official overthrow of absolute monarchy 44. A proposition on the November ballot asks citizens to voice their opinion on a measure. This idea of direct democracy comes from 45. In The Republic , Plato declared tyranny to be illegitimate. Which form of government did he hold in the highest esteem? Monarchy 46. According to Nonentities, the purpose of checks and balances in a enigmatic government is to Limit the power of two branches 47.

John Locker’s ideas were most powerful and threatening to the monarchs of the time because he said that governments Are formed to protect life,liberty and property (3 natural rights) 48. The “shot heard around the world” in references to the beginning of the Aimer ICANN Revolution, was so named because 49. Enlightenment ideals Were reflected in the Declaration Of Independence became use colonists Issued a proclamation 50. Thomas Jefferson was Author of Declaration of Independence 51. The Declaration of Independence is based on the writings of which Enlightenment thinkers? Britain 52.

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