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The study abroad fair brought to my attention many new learning opportunities that are available to us students. The program that stood out most to me was the CYCLE Chile program. In this program you travel to Santiago, Chile for either a semester or for a full year.

In this specific program, it focuses on the liberal arts, with subject areas from sociology, to political science, psychology, and more. You will receive 15-18 credits a semester you are on the trip. You will be living with a host family from Chile with the homesteads housing option.Several sample courses are Social History of Chile and Native Art and Culture of the Americas.

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During the trip you get to experience Chile and see what it offers as you see how it differs from life in the United States. In part of the trip there are two weekend study trips which bring you to one of the most visually stunning places in northern Chile and the other to historical southern Chile. Most importantly you will get to experience the culture that Chile has to offer as you travel and do various activities.This program stood out to me more than the others because of the opportunities I could gain from the trip and because I have family that were born in Chile, so I want to learn about the culture they were brought up in. This program offers subjects areas that could directly enhance my learning and help me reach my goal of one day being in law enforcement.

They offer studies that deal with Law/Legal Studies as well as Sociology studies. Both of which are major components of me one day reaching my goal.It would definitely be to my advantage to learn how different countries and cultures deal with legal matters. I would learn lessons that I could use down the road. The other reason is more personal, my mother was born in Chile and lived there until she was 13 years old.

It would interesting to learn how life s like there now and be able to come back and share my experiences with my mother. I would be able to see how Chile has evolved from the time my mother lived there.Sociological imagination is the ability to see the relationship between the “individual” and the “society’. Going on this trip or going with any other program will enhance your global sociological imagination. I have already been brought up in a specific society that has its own “code of conduct” and “way to do things” so by going on this trip you will be able to gain knowledge of how other countries view what is important and what there way of life is like. There will be some similarities and there will most definitely be differences.

Going on the trip will let you dive into a new society, in which you will bear different responsibility and feel a different weight on your shoulder from the new society. This will help expand your outlook and make yourself willing to be accepting to other peoples way of life even if it varies from your own. In this experience you will be forced to change your way of living which will you show you a different perspective on life.

In expanding your perspective and taking on this experience you will see how a different country comes together as individuals to cake one big society.The biggest thing that I learned from going to the Study Abroad Fair is that all the learning is not Just done in the classroom. There are many other ways and opportunities out there waiting to be taken advantage of. This trip to Santiago, Chile seems like it could really expand my thinking and bring my learning to another level.

If I were to go on this trip then I would be able to take what I would would also allow me to piece together some of my family history and see what life was like for them. All and all it would be a great opportunity.

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