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Stroop Effect With Modern Teenagers Abstract: This study is based in cognitive psychological perspective. It is an original study used to verify the previous findings regarding the Stroop effect. Twenty participants were selected at random and were treated entirely according to ethical standards set forth by the International Baccalaureate Organization. The researchers used repeated measures, whilst controlling as many environmental variables as possible.

The independent and dependent variables were test taken and response respectively. Both inferential and descriptive statistics were used to verify the hypothesis that deciphering the color of a word is more difficult than processing the word itself. The data presented in this study reproves previous studies by Stroop, Melara, and Virzi, and supports the hypothesis. Introduction: The psychological study performed concerned the cognitive aspect of psychology. This perspective is classically recognized by it focus on the mental processing of stimuli.

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In this particular study written language processing versus color processing interference was observed and measured. The study was designed to find the effects of Stroop interference. This interference is caused by what is called The Stroop Effect. J.

R. Stroop pioneered this research in 1935 with his study of interference of serial verbal reactions. Studies on this topic have yielded results that color processing interference with word, study, stroop, color, test, processing, words, participants, subjects, interference, hesitation, effect, response, presented, experiment, second, first, researchers, median, mean, language, two, results, responses, incorrect, hypothesis, group, average, asked, subject, research, due, column, chosen, time

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