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Each team will have a participant/leader to serve as their actor. The rest of the group members will need to guess the movie and the movies star that will be acted by the leader. Objectives of the game: 1. To have fun in order to relieve stress. . To develop communication. 1 . Cards with written movie titles and movie star names 2. Timer Preparations: 2. Clear the room to make bigger space. 3. Love can team an Selenga area to stay. 1. Have each of the 3 teams participant’s to pick a paper from the deck of paper cards. 2. Each team will have their turn in guessing what their leaders have picked. 3.

The leader/participant should be the only one to see what’s written on the paper. 4. The leader will act out who and what is written on the paper, silently. No words or sounds should be made. 5. Each team will be given 3 minutes to guess the action of the leader. 6. Whichever team will get the most guessed words will win the game. Processing: 1 . Did you enjoy the game? Why? 2. What did you learn while playing the game that you can apply to your stress management self strategy? 3. What do you think are other ways that could manage your stress from school or everyday life? 4. Was the game effective enough in relieving stress?

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