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Stress is an unavoidable phenomenon in every aspects of human life. It is generally an emotional imbalance which may be due to several reasons such as tests, papers and projects, competitive nature within your chosen field, financial worries about school and future job prospects 1. It was found that college students are more passionate than school age students. They are dreamful, ambitious; need proper guidance in this particular stage.

  All people have minimum stress but excessive stress may cause anxiety and it’s harmful for health. Another report suggests that teenagers always face problems in adjusting with various stresses. Teenagers especially those who are students always face learning problems, career management and also problems in solving personal and social matters. Students are starting to shift from a life that is dependent on others to a life that needs them to release the dependency and start carrying their own responsibilities 2. College students are often deal with pressures related to finding job or a potential life partner. Also the pressure to earn good grades and to earn a degree is very high 3. Often college students are more passionate than school age students. Stress mainly comes from academic tests, interpersonal relations, relationship problems, life changes, and career exploration.

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Such stress may usually cause psychological, physical, and behavioral problems 4. However, Children are dealing with the challenges of Harajyoti Mazumdar et al Adv. Appl. Sci. Res., 2012, 3(1):399-406    _____________________________________________________________________________ 400 Pelagia Research Library growing. They are going through puberty, meeting the changing expectations of others, and coping with feelings they might not have had before 5.

Another report suggests that earning grade is the not the alone source of stress. There were other potential source like excessive homework, unclear assignment and uncomfortable classroom 6. By use of the Psychological Distress Inventory, that the top five sources of stress among female college students consisted of financial problems, test pressure, failing a test, being rejected by someone, and relationship break-ups 7. Some other factors were relations with faculty members and time pressures also added as a source of stress 8.

One of the most important factors is relationship with family and friends, eating and sleeping habits and loneliness may affect students badly 9. The stress levels are different among students and also difference between male and female. Medical education is perceived as being stressful with negative effects on student’s mental health. However, few studies have addressed the influence of gender on stress in medical Students” 10. Research findings suggested that male students feel stronger stress from family factor than female ones; students in higher grades feel more stress from physical/mental, school, and emotional factors; students who take a student loan also feel more stress from physical/mental, school, and emotional factors 4. Antihypertensive agents Schiffbases 4′-(6-chloro-5-nitro-2-4-(3substituted-phenyl-acryloylamino)-phenylbenzimidazole -1-ylmethyl) -biphenyl-2-carboxylic acid and side chain of different aromatic aldehydes was synthesized from substituted compounds and tested to induce hypertensive in rats 11. In a report it was found that a biochemical approach of the HbA1c in diabetes associated nephropathy was proposed in Chhattisgarh populations. Results shows fasting blood sugar, post prandial blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin was elevated 12.

  Same authors also reported that role of glycosylated hemoglobin in diabetes with obesity in Chhattisgarh was studied. They have found that good glycemic control was useful tool to prevent the possibilities of development of diabetes associated obesity 13. For reductions and neutralizations of effect of free radicals, role of antioxidants is quite important 14.  Another report suggests that the nutritional status, feeding practices and rates of exclusive breast feedings and child immunizations in some area of Nigeria was established. It was reported that adequate counseling of mothers would help and maintain the good nutritional status of children attending infant welfare clinic 15

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