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Streetcar Streetcar Essay At a glance, the streetcar may appear to be ordinary part of everyday life in New Orleans. Under further interpretation however, it can easily be seen that the streetcar is a very special aspect of this great city for many reasons. Most people will agree that riding the streetcar gives its occupants a sense of unity.

You may find yourself conversing with total strangers on the streetcar because of its friendly atmosphere. As stated in the short film Streetcar Stories, ?There were friends that you had first met on the streetcar, and there were friends that you only saw on the streetcar.? Due to its open-nature, the streetcar serves as a window into the city, giving its riders a greater understanding of New Orleans? culture, diversity, and history.

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Riding down Saint Charles Avenue can tell you a great deal about New Orleans. In a sense, the streetcar is an integral part of making New Orleans a unique city, because it helps strengthen the community in that it forces social interactions and builds the city and its people with strong character. New Orleans is notorious for its laid back nature, which explains its well streetcar, orleans, new, city, people, life, riding, car, about, understanding, strangers, sense, everyday, because, work, way, total, stated, serves, ride, part, occupants, nature, man, historical, helps, great, friends, first, even, due, diverse, community, aspects, without

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