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Relevant Research Questions and Objectives would lay the foundation for Data Sources and Data Collection Methods which should explained and Justified. Academic Referencing should be used as appropriate.

ANALYSIS & FINDINGS This chapter should demonstrate actual application of models and techniques as previously outlined. Relevant sources of data should be used to address the case scenario(s). 15-20 3500 4500 Key Findings must be clearly stated to interpret & assess where the organization is now to face the specific challenges & issues addressed in the problem or opportunity statement in Chapter 3.Priorities to be attended to Research Questions Research Objectives Research Plan to gather data Analysis Tools and the Outline Analysis Plan Proposed Plan of Action Forecasts Broad Strategies for Sustainability The Overall Business Plan Performance Monitoring System with Periodic Reviews Critical Success Factors Change Management Plan Implementation Plan Your Role in the proposed transformation Next Steps to be taken Summary Conclusions, Recommendations for Future Research Limitations of the work completed A forecast of stakeholders outcomes expected in 3 to 5 years’ time AppendicesCase Brief : Description of the situation Is the situation described adequately with relevant boundaries set ? Are terms of reference specific ? 15 Problem / Opportunity statement and Plan of Analysis Is the problem / opportunity stated clearly ? Is there a clear outline of a research design and the plan of analysis ? Are relevant models, concepts to be applied clearly explained (and referenced) ? Are sources of data, and ethical issues stated ? 20 Analysis & Findings Is the analysis conducted clearly, including application of analytical techniques stated ? Does it address the case problem scenarios ?Are resource availability and constraints appraised ? Are the results and findings interpreted well ? 25 Proposed Plan to resolve / improve the problem situation Is a clear assessment of the analysis made, taking into account the findings.

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Has the business plan been proposed clearly ? Are resource availability and constraints appraised ? Are critical assumptions & success factors in the analysis discussed ? Are implications for various stakeholders covered ? Good clear writing, adequate appendices, reference list of appropriate evidence of reference and overall presentation.

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