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“Storm Warning” by Jack Higgins has many exciting and suspenseful things happen. Before reading this book, I made the mistake of judging it by its cover. It was actually the back cover that won me over rather than the front. The intriguing description really left me on the edge of my seat and wanting to read more. In the book, a German merchant ship is attempting to return to Germany from Brazil at the end of August 1944 by a crossing of the Atlantic which is full of enemy shipping and warships. With a crew of twenty-two men and five nuns as passengers, the boat makes its remarkable journey, but after being severely battered by a storm, is wrecked off the coast of Scotland on the Washington Reef in the Outer Hebrides.Storm Warning is very impressive in my opinion. I don’t usually like to read but i’ll make an exception for this book. The way the author goes into detail about each character’s history makes it difficult to want to stop reading. It is a compulsively readable, gripping, and moving book. I also like how the author doesn’t treat the reader like an idiot and explain everything but he also doesn’t get so technical that you have no idea what is going on and lose interest. There is a neat balance that is interesting but not overwhelming.                                                Higgins’ characters are appealing and vibrant. From the stereo-typical self confident, German U-Boat expert to the religious, well-meaning nuns on board one of the ships. Each chapter begins with a piece from the Captain’s log of the Deutschland, these provide you with a date and time for the beginning of the chapter and help you keep up with the passage of time as well as give you a feel for conditions on the journey. There were a couple of times near the start where I started losing interest because of all the jumping around but once all the different characters were established that quickly stopped being an issue. I had a bit of trouble distinguishing between two of the female characters at times, mostly because they were called Jane and Janet and often in the same scenes. They could have done with names that were less similar and bolder character differences when they were together.Overall, I would recommend this book because in my opinion it’s a great book. I would recommend the book because it is very intriguing and very relatable. It is relatable because it is about high school students and in depth of the life of a high-school student. At first I just picked this book just to read something but once I started reading it I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. So therefore I will absolutely positively recommend this book I believe it is a Five star book and the everyone in high-school should read this book eventually in their high-school career.

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