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The weakness of this lab was that time was very rushed but yet the group still managed to stay on track and stayed very calm. In the future for this lab, it would be very beneficial for extra time so the importance of the instructions and observations can play their role. The only mistake that was made in this lab was that the percent yield of lead (II) nitrate was higher than 100%. This is because in the first few steps, there were too many grams of lead II) nitrate that was added to the beaker.The lead (II) chromate formed a precipitate while potassium nitrate did not because lead and chromate are both ionic and soluble, where as potassium and nitrate are not. Mass is conserved in this reaction because of the Law of Conservation, which states that mass can neither be created nor destroyed.

Once again, geochemistry is the study of the quantitative, or measurable, relationships that exist in chemical formulas and also chemical reactions; this lab has helped many students understand and comprehend the meaning of geochemistry.

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