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Bonds will differ from equities in their relevant data! Key Financial Information – Current share price and price target – Shares Outstanding, Market Capitalization – Revenue growth (BIT), Net Debt, EVE (Enterprise Value) – PEPS estimates and Price/Earnings Multiples 2) Give your opinion upfront: Buy or Sell (Hold is not allowed).

State your entry price (buy or sell), your exit price (frame) and the timeshare for the investment. 3) Set up an investment thesis stating not more than four or five top investment merits in bullet form.Discounted Cash Flow Analysis – According to academic theory a stock should be priced at the value of all future cash distributions. Note: Building a financial model requires you to dig into the ASK (annual report), the IQ (quarterly report) and to figure out the “performance drivers” for the company! ) Mind investment risks, when forming your opinion. Investment RISKS – Highlight up to three risks to your thesis – Know when these risks might materialize – Have a strict exit strategy in case these risks come true.

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What type of a loss are you willing to accept on this position? – Have counterpoints to your investment risks where appropriate 7) Conclude with Catalysts building the backbone for your pitch. ( – Highlight up to 3 things that will cause the stock price to move in a particular direction – Catalysts can emerge out of regulatory changes, new products in the near future, etc. – The catalysts can be both short term and long term changes ) B) The Research: 1) Keep your pitch updated on a storage device.Students will have access to research tools on-site and staff from Thomson Reuters and/or Bloomberg will be accessible onsite to support the students’ research on the day of the Stock Pitch Competition. 2) Company Information – SEC Filings (ASK, IQ), Conference Calls, Investor Presentations, Company Website, Company Management 3) Use Television, Newspapers, Trade magazines etc. The KOCH-Board wishes all participants success and a lot of fun!

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