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Steven King Essay In Stephen King?s essay ?Why We Crave Horror Movies?, he explains why people go to horror films. Watching horror films is a way that many people show they are not hesitant to sit through a few hours of the same killing and menacing seen on evening news reports. King claims that the very act of viewing these films desensitizes us. Horror films are also a good way to ?re-establish our feelings of normality?. After viewing violent movies, people say to themselves ?I am glad that I?m normal?.

The emotions and fear of people need to be exercised and checked on a regular bases. According to King, the horror movie is ?? morbidity unchained, our worst instincts let free, our nastiest fantasies realized? and it all happens, fittingly enough, in the dark.? I agree with Stephen King when he says that horror movies are like riding roller coasters. During middle and high schools, my friends and I frequented many theme parks. We quickly chose to go on rides which were considered the scariest.

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We sat in the front to get the biggest thrill from a ride. The size and speed of these rides had no affect on us, because we were after horror, people, films, movies, king, way, viewing, stephen, stealing, rides, one, good, go, because, after, very, something, relax, movie, free, exhilaration, example, essay, emotions, drive, cookie, away, worst, watching, watch, violent, valid, unchained, told, through

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