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Stay At Home Moms

Today?s American family is very different from the typical ?ideal family? that was the norm only half a century ago. Family life in the 1950s consisted of a father who left for work every morning and a loyal mother who stayed at home to tend to her house and the children. This concept is no longer the norm for American households. Families today come in all shape and sizes, and more and more moms are trading in their gardens and cooking utensils for the hustle and bustle of the American work force. ?The number of employed mothers with children under age 18 were 70.1% in 1999, up from to 66.3% in 1990.?11 Are working mothers better than stay-at-home mothers For many women, the decision to stay at home or work is very frustrating.
What if a mother decides to work For some families, having mom stay at home is not feasible. A second income is necessary to make ends meet. Even if two incomes is not critical, income is not the advantage when a mother works. Health insurance, life insurance, and saving for retirement can persuade a

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