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First and foremost, it is obvious that just one country could not work alone t o build such a statue. America and France both worked with each other, and didn’t SST pop until they finished what they began, which shows the friendship between the two c entries. When President Lincoln was assassinated, France felt as though they should d something to bring our nation together. In 1876, French sculptor Frederic Gag u setBirthday developed the look of the statue, and another sculptor named Alex ender Gustavo Eiffel made the framework.

Afterwards, in July 1 884 when it was com pelted, Richard Morris Hunt, the designer of New Work’s first apartment building create deed the pedestal. To fund the statue and make the rest of the money, both countries worked endlessly. France charged public fees, used money from the lottery, and held fundraising events while America held boxing matches, auctions, plays, and AR t exhibits. This demonstrates how both countries teamed up to finalize and design the s Tate.Liberty Enlightening the World was also known as a welcoming site for Mimi grants entering America from Europe, which made them feel welcomed with friends hip and open arms. In 1903, Emma Lazarus’ infamous poem ‘ ‘The New Colossus”, was engraved upon the pedestal and plaque with its famous line, ” Give me your it red, your poor/ Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” which exhibits in simpler term that America welcomes anyone who wants to come or came to America in sea rich of a better life with freedom and friendship.

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In 1 924, the statue was made a nation monument and also, in 1956 Boodles Island was renamed Liberty Island, a pee reflect description of what the island is and contains, and what immigrants are travel ins here to seek. There are many symbolic features that Lady Liberty contains which are all sys ambos of unity, freedom, and lastly, friendship. French sculptors and designers added h illustrious crown which has seven, pointed rays, representing the seven iconic nets and seas, reinforcing the universal concept of liberty.

These beautiful pointed rays on her crown are also a huge symbol of universal friendship. There are twenties w endows on her crown, which are meant to symbolize heaven’s rays of light that shine over our nation. The final feature on Lady Liberty described in the article are the broke n chains that lie at her feet. They symbolize the freedom that she has, and our nation n general. It demonstrates that we are free from slavery, bondage, and tyranny.

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