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Statement of PurposeBeing from Nepal, I have learnt the importance of energy efficiency and management in my day to day life, but I never would have thought that this would soon lead me to embark a journey which has far more impact on human lives than I could ever imagine. Renewable energy is the future of energy, as our coal and oil resources get depleted every year the need for efficient energy management and alternate sources of energy has grown now more than ever. I am deeply fascinated by the new technological developments and efficient energy management techniques in the energy sector. With the advancement of technology new energy management softwares and highly efficient renewable sources are developed. It is in such areas of great importance that I want to make fundamental contributions.I did my slc (school leaving certificate) from Shree Siddhartha Higher Secondary School with very good academic percentage of 86.25% in 2010. After completing slc I joined  in Alliance Academy higher secondary school located in Kathmandu with physics, chemistry and mathematics as my major subjects.I passed my higher secondary education board with 61.90 % which was much lower as compared to slc marks. The main reason for decrease of my grade was shifting from my hometown to a big city, Kathmandu. As I was fairly young at that time it was really hard for me to get habituated in the new place without my parents.After my high school in 2013 I took admission in Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology(MANIT), Bhopal in India in Mechanical engineering as I was very clear from my schooldays that I will pursue Engineering because I was very interested in machines from childhood. It was great experience to study in an institute of national importance in India with great learning environment. Professors there were very helpful and motivating . And the students from all over india and international students, have been my family for four years. In my four year program I studied various core subjects but have become  more inclined towards energy field from my third year, as I got to know that all machines somehow require energy to operate and renewable energy can be the future of energy in coming years and world don’t have other option than using renewable energy.In sixth semester I did my minor project in potential of wind energy assessment under Dr. Prashant Baredar, Associate Professor from Energy Department, MANIT, Bhopal. Through this project I got to know about practical implications  of wind energy and various basic aspects of it. After this, I did my major project on Simulation and Optimization of hybrid renewable energy system under Dr. Siraj Ahmed, Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering, MANIT Bhopal. Through this project, we, project members were able to complete planning, designing, sizing and operation of a hybrid renewable energy based micro grid.I did my four weeks training at United Traders Syndicate Pvt. Ltd., Toyota, Nepal, from 1st december to 31st december 2014, where I learned about service, repair and assembly tasks of toyota motors.I also did my industrial training at Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Bhopal , during my third year of study from 16th may to 11th june for four weeks. During my industrial training, I learned about various manufacturing process of steam turbine and other products manufactured by BHEL, Bhopal.Having said about my education and training experience and interests, I want to pursue master of science in Energy management, as this course will help me to get in depth understanding of energy management from financial and economic perspective. It provides up to date theoretical and applied knowledge of energy management as all these skills are necessary for a successful career in the booming energy sector.Also the demand of energy management expertise is present across all sectors including exploration and production; transportation; petroleum service and construction and so on.After pursuing my masters in Energy Management , my main motive will be to start my own Energy Management company here in Nepal by using all technical skills and skills gained from this course. The main aim of company will be making energy, conserve energy and reduce waste of energy. As all sectors are seeking this solution to reduce energy consumption as this will directly benefits their company. Various companies like telecom, IT , manufacturing  and so on are looking for this aspect of operations.From small enterprise to big multinational company will be our customers. The company will hire expert to check over all problems regarding energy and provide them profits through energy saving.New York institute of Technology(NYIT) is New York based university founded in 1910 with various campuses all around the globe. Studying in NYIT Vancouver campus will help me to connect to New York and all around the globe, also its master’s programs are accredited in the United States and have written consent of British Columbia’s Ministry of Advanced Education, allowing to pursue career opportunities globally. Also Vancouver is one of the world’s most important financial center and top travel destination.Canada is one of the best countries in the word in terms of financial stability and high standard education. Besides tuition fee and living expenses are affordable in Canada when compared to other developed countries. If I got this opportunity to study in NYIT, Vancouver campus, it will be extremely helpful for my academic profile. Nepal’s GDP growth rate at present is 7.5% which is really a positive sign of development. GDP of industry sector has increased by 20% in 2017 and also a lot of development projects are going on. So Nepal will have a lot of opportunities in near future and graduates like me can have sound career opportunities here in own country.      

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