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Inimitable (costly committee) Store Ambiance: – Design – Music – Atmosphere – Wi-if Considered the third place customers Yes-? unique store atmosphere More than money to imitated Awareness: – Brand – Culture – Agreements – Product Placement Yes – Brand is more valuable than its competitors Just few companies have the same reputation Time, Know How, Financial us port and experience etc Published by Angela Chem. Unsustainable (there is no equivalent resource capability that could be used by a competitor) Core competency that provides a Sustained competitive advantage?Please analysis how far ethics as well as governance are implemented in Struck Business Ethics ; Business ethics can be defined as principles Of conduct within organizations that guide decision making & behavior. ; All strategic formulation, implementation & evaluation decisions have ethical ramifications. ; Good ethic is good business. Bad ethic can derail even the best strategic plan. ; Strategist like Coos & business owners are the individuals primarily responsible for ensuring that high ethical principles are espoused & practiced n an organization. Being unethical can be very expensive.

Some business action considered to be unethical include misleading advertising or labeling, misleading survey analysis, causing environmental harm, poor product or services safety, padding expense account, insider trading, dumping banned or flawed products in foreign markets, not providing equal opportunities for women & minorities, overpricing, moving jobs overseas, & sexual harassment 7 Principles of Admirable Business Ethics 1 .Be trustful: customers want to do business with a company they can trust. 2. Keep an open mind: the leaders of an organization must be open to new idea. 3. Meet obligations: do everything possible to gain the trust of past customers & clients, particularly if something has gone awry. 4.

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Have clear documents: make certain that all print materials such as advertising brochures & business documents are clear, precise, professional, & most importantly, do not misrepresent or misinterpret. 5.Become community involved: be actively involved in community-related issues & activities, continually demonstrating that your business is a responsible community citizen. . Maintain accounting control: view accounting & record keeping not only as a means for monitoring the progress of your company but as a resource for identifying & stopping any “questionable” activities.

7. Be respectful: treat others with the utmost of respect. Regardless of different positions, titles, ages, or beliefs, always treat others with professional respect & courtesy.

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