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The Over Under On Legal or Illegal Sports Betting One of the oldest games around is to wager money on another sport taking place to gamble and hopefully gain back revenue from that risk. Some see it as wrong and some have no issue with it, which is creating a strong amount of conflict when dealing with such a large issue as sports betting has become. There are many sports to wager on but the goal is the same for every gambler and that is to win big time.

Although there are many motives to be pro gambling such as, taking the money from urinal’s hands into legal safe ways or to gain an economic boost from the large amounts of money that could be drawn in, there are still anti gambling supporting the ideas that it could and has damaged the integrity of the game. One of the viewpoints that people hold is that if sports betting was legalized it would greatly increase the amount of economic growth by large amounts of legal betting money being spent because it would no longer be left out of the market.

The economic growth could be substantial and beneficial to America as this article states would and should be allowed to occur. The author is drawn to the idea of legalizing the betting because it is grounded in the idea of a economic boost from the revenue pulled out of legal safe ways to gamble. With having only a small percentage of money coming in from gambling if it was legalized, “the total estimated $380 billion (yes, billion! ) wagered illegally, untaxed, and unregulated to offshore operations on sporting events” ( Lesbian 1 5) could be brought into the economy benefiting the nation as a whole.

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One thing that could also affect the entire nation is if the integrity of the games ere damaged because of shady and illegal betting on sports affecting the final scores on games. The viewpoint is taken because if the integrity of sports is damaged then it hurts thousands of fans who watch and spend money on something that is a flux. Donald L. Bartlett believes that “the most insidious aspect of legalized betting on college teams is the point spread.

It raises dark questions where there should be none. ” (Bartlett 52). This viewpoint seems to be backed by the love of sports and that there should be no thing that could damage or influence a game that isn’t on the laying field. Due to the known fact of existing illegal betting and bookies, one way to level the playing field for law enforcement would be to legalize the gambling because it would take large amounts of money away from the criminals who run illegal rings and betting circles.

Looking into history for examples of how bans worked, James Coursework believed, “The ban on sports betting does exactly what prohibition did. It makes criminals rich”(par. 6). The author is holding to his views due to the issue of safety for sports betters and progressing away from criminal activity. The idea that people have to interact with criminals dealing with large amounts of money can greatly influence the idea of legalizing sports betting.

The viewpoint goes to a deeper sense of right and wrong because it is a known fact that criminals are getting large amounts of cash when it could be taken out of their pockets if it was legalized making the scene much safer. Wendell navels only 2 Tall outlooks AT sports Deleting, letter legal or Illegal, tenure are multiple ideas and reasons to pick a side such as economic growth, clamping down on criminal activity, or to keep the integrity of the game safe.

No matter what side you choose there are consequences to the side one chooses to support. Pro or anti sports betters must realize both sides and effects of their stance because it can either help the economy and integrity of the game or as some say they believe you are helping the criminals gain wealth instead of the American economy. The topic of sports betting is growing more and more as people have more access to the internet and sites dealing with sports making this business grow each day.

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