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SI]LIT 1119/1 Bahasalnggeris Kertas I 2009 1% jam r1r9/l JABATAN PELAJARAN NEGERI JOIIOR PEPERIKSAAN PERCUBAAN SIJIL PELAJARAN MALAYSIA 2OO9 BAHASA INGGERIS Kertas I jam empat puluhlima minit Satu JAh{GAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU Arahan l. Kertassoalan mengandungi bahagian: ini 2 BahagianA den BahagianB. 2. Jawab keduadua bahagian. Instructions l.

This questionpaperconsists two sections: of SectionA and SectionB. 2. Answer botb sections. Kertassoalanini meneandunsi halaman 3 bercetak^ rtt9tl SULIT L SectionA : DirectedWriting [35 marks) lTime suggested : 45 minutesfThere has been an increase in the crime rate in your housing estate. As a concerned resident, you decide to write a formel letter to the Chief of Police in your town to complain about the situation. Use the following notes to write your formel letter. Complaints: – snatch thefts – break-ins – dim streetlights – lack of police patrols Suggestionsto reducethe crime rate: – increasenumber of police patrols – better lighting – set up a neighbourhood watch ( Rukun Tetangga) – residents take tums to patrol – housing estatecommittee – employ security guards – safety campaign – create awarenesson personal safetyWhen writing the formd l,etter, you should rememberto: s€t out the letter correctly use all the notes given give two other suggestionsof your own rrtgtl SULIT a Sqction B ; Continuour Writing [50 marks] lTime suggested : Orc hourf Wrile a comgtsition o/about 35{l words on oae of tfu following topics. l.

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2. my idealjob ‘lt is better to be the eldestchild than the youngestone in the family. ‘ Do you agrcr? Support your opinion. Write a story beginning with: “There were screamsall arcund me. — ” If I were rich and famous Parties 3. 4. 5. KERTAS SOALAF{TAMAT tttgtr STJLIT SULIT Nam a : tr19n No.

KP: tlt9/2 BahasaInggeris Kertas 2 2049 2t/ajamJABATAN PELAJARAN NEGERI JOHOR Pf,PERIKSAAN PERCUBAAN SIJTL PELAJARA. N MALAYSIA 2OO9 BAHASA INGGERIS Kcrtas2 jam empat puluhlima minil Satu JAGAN BTIKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU Arahan L Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 4 bahagian. I -/awabsemua bahagian. .1. Anda dinasihati supayamengambilmasa25 minit untuk menjawab soalanBahagian A, 25 minit arrr# Bahagian B, 5A ninit tnru,t BahagianC dan 35 minit alla,t BehagianD. ‘1.

Hitamkan jawapan anda untukBahagisn A di dalam kertas juwapan di halaman 18. yang dikemukakandalam kertasini mungkin “t. Saalan-soolan mempunvailiga atdn empatpilihan ja*’upan.

Instructions I. This questionpaper consistsr. t”f four sections. 2. Answersll sec/iors.

3. Youortt advisedto spendabout 25 minuteson Section A, ? 5 minuteson SectionB, 50 minuteson SectionC arul 35 minuteson SectionD. Blackenyour ansv’ers for Section A on the onstr’ersheeton page 18.

Questionsin this paper might have three or four options I I rxaminer t– Section D I t Totsl Kertassoalanini menrandunei18 halamanbercctak. lLihat sebelah lll9n SULIT z SocrinA ll5 marksl t Basedon the weather chart above, what would be the best day fbr a picnic I A l0J une B llJ une C i2 J un e D 13 J un e .-__. “. -‘-_l ——‘-t- Nancy could not sil still” Her handswere cold.

her body shivering and she had butterf’liesin her stomach. She had to deliver her speechin the school hall during assembly. In a few minutes, the masterof cercmonieswould call her to the rostmm. 2″ From the extracl above, we can concludc that Nancv ll’as A unw’ell lJ nervous C fmstrated D uncomfortable rt|g. n STILIT GIFT VOUCHER ISSUEDON CODE VALI. ]E IST JANUARY 2OO9 SG665DLEE5O RM 50.

00 This gift voucher is valid for 6 montlrs from date of issue. Pleaselog on to www. fengshuionline. comto chooseyour products and redeern them now. 3.According to the gift voucherabove,Mary needsto A B C D send a thank you letter to Ken usethe voucherafter I st June2009 choosethe produca she wants online to log on to www. fengshuionline.

com redeem the voucher me Useme, reuse and try not to lose me! Love t}te Love me! Take me home for only environment! RM5″00! This shopping bag is made ftom 100o/orecyclable plastic. Replacement worn-out bagsis free! of 4. Shoppersare encouragedto buy dre shoppingbags for the following rffrsons except A they will last forever B they are sold at a low price C they can be rtplaced {iee ofcharge D they are made from recyclablematerial lt9n SULIT END OF FR. EE MEAI. S who use express btses to travel between major towns in KOTA KINABALU: Passongers Sabahwill no longer be servedcomplimentary meals and bottled water following the fuel hike. nxprcss bus operatorshave been providing packed rusi campur (rice with vegetables I I and meat) and drinking water, worth RM4. 00, for thosewho travel for more than six hours. I_ l 5.

Expressbusesare not offering free mealsdue to A the 6-hour joumey B the increasein the price of fuel C the hike in the price ofpacked nasi campur D too many p{rss€ngers travelling on thesebusesCAUTION! HOT If you seethis sigr, you should A stay away B callthe police C not touch the item D leavethe placequickly fi$n SULIT Mother and Child Killed in Collision SEREMBAN: A lS-month-old toddler and his molher were killed in a three-car collision yesterday. Mohd Ariff Takuanwas in his mother’sarms when the Proton Sagathey wer€ in was hit by rwo cars al km 43. 7 JalanNilai – Senawang during a downpour at 2. 15 pm. Siti Zainab Abdul Kadir, 25, was rushedto the Seremban I-{ospital but died four hours later.

Her husband, Mohd Zawani Muhamad, 28, sustained inor inj uries. District Police Chief Superintenden! Osman Muhamrnad Sebot said the car driven by Tawani was headingtowardsJohorwhen it veeredinto the oppositelane. (Adapted fromltr /{,fi”, September 2007) From the newspaper report, we know that A B C D the toddler was in a coma the father was slightly injured it was not rainingafte 2. l5 p. m. r two cars were involved in the accident Technologyhasbroughtdisorderto my life.

Fatheris now ableto monilor my aftendance, class performance exam results. All and he hasto do is checkeveryhing online! Cone is my freedom! l/hateverhappened report cards! o (t 8. The word monilor can bcst be replacedby A see B keep C check D record il lgn SULIT 6 Questions 9 -15 me based on thefollowing possage.

Many people walk in and out of our lives but the ones who remain closest to _-9_ true friends. And friends havs often _10-_to be more valuable than l_ who leave families and partners becausethey care and share our joy and pain. *. -l footprints in our hearts are our best friends. Making friends and maintaining friendship is part of our life’s support system because without thern, our lives would be emp$, dull and dreadful. n short”ow whole life dependson our ability to get _12-*outside our home _13_ wift others and to develop friendships.

Most of our time spent with friends. Our friends are _14_ because they are one of the most reliable sources of happinesg joy, and intellectual development. _15_ some friends are for keeps, some drift apart from us. In the courseof friendship, sometimeswe may get hurt or be betrayedand find it diffrcult to trust someoneanymore. (Adapted fram The Sunday Star, 2009) 9 A ours B our Cwe Dus l0 A B C D ll A B C D proving proven proves prove Those These That This 3Ais B are C was I) were 14 A B C D significant essential critical vital 15AAs B When C While D Because 12Aup Bbv C away D along lrr9t2 SULIT I SectionB |0 marhsl Que*tions16-25 thd Readthefollowing informationond answertle questions follow.

rAII{GLGCHIII{ESE S’CHOOL PARIT TINSTITUT KRAF NECARA invites BUNTAR ALUMM is having a gathering students applyfor its diplomaand to on June19at Hotel Sinegahsana for certificatecourses its July intake. The progmrnmes coverthe art of batih weaving PetalingJayaat 8pm. or Visit http//groups.

yahoo. smkanglo. com andwoodwork. call Shahrizan 013444-67Mar Closingdateis May 16.

or For detailg visit ww’w. kreftengan. gov.

myLian See019-297-9954 details. rTIIE INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES MI. JLTIMEDIA UNTYERSITY iS Festat the holdinga DramaandDance The Main Hall, MelakaCarnpus. dramas are anddances performedby MMU students. Ticketsat RM6 eachareavailable on the day ofthe event. Time :7p. m. Date : May l8 Call ZazilaAlim (06-2524I 89) or e-mailzazila.

[email protected] my TUNTVERSITI TIJF{KU ABDI. ]L RAIIMAN (IITAR) is havingan Open Day at its SungaiLnng Carnpus June26 on (9.

30am 5. 30pm). Therr will be career to guidance workshops a campustour.

nd will UTAR buses pick up visitorsat Serdang KTM KomuterStationat hourly intervals. Cail03-7985-2682 or for [email protected] edu.

my details. TINTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF MUSIC OCOhO is holding its Open Day on June 7 (Zpm to 5pm) at the Recital Hall, ICOM. There will be talks and counselling.

Send in your application on the sameday and get your registration fees waived. Call 03-4032-6000for details. IINTI UNTVERSITY COLLEGD is academics and invitingresearcherq students subrnittwo-pageproposals to for Confercnce Teaching the International on andLeaming2009(ICTL, 2009)held in from Nov 16to lE.Kuching,Sarawak Thedeadlinefor submission May 29. is For details, visit ictl. intimal. edu.

my or call06-789-2720. (Adapted llom 1/erry Sunday Zines, April 2009) tttgn SULIT 8 Questions16 -21 Based on the informaion given, camplete the table helow. ACTIVITIES lnternational College of Music Institute of I nternational l”anguages Multimedia Universitv l 8 ..



.. ” ..

….. | 19 LJniversiti Tunku Abdul Rahman I [6 marks] 22 Questions -25 given. Answer questions tle belowbased theinformation on 22 on Where will the InternationalConference Teachineand Leamine 2009 be held? arkl 23 What is the cost per ticket to attendthe Drama and DanceFest? I’ morkl 24 ;’; ;;;,;'”;;,;;;; ;-;”;’;” ;;;'”;;;;’ ;;;’ ;;;;,;; . [1 morkl [1martul ltt9n SULIT 9 Section C 125marksl Questions 26 – 3A ore hasedon thefollowing patsage.

The. following pcLtsage about s woma4 Patricia Zahara Arffin, 7I , *’ho lives her life to the n fuliest, unlike most . genior citizens. Patricia Zahara Ariffin, 71, is a body painter. She paints pictures on people’s faces and handsat the National Zoo. Visitors will definitely notice her while waiting to take the train ride at the starting point.She will be there, with her forearm stretchedout to show offthe various animals she has painted on her skin. “Get your face painted,” this sprightly lady will say to persuade the.

5 children. “Won’t it be cute to have a little dolphin on your hand? ” she will suggestto them. Sometimes,she would be mobbed,surroundedby those eager children to have her “masterpiece”on their skins.

Sometimes, she sits alone under her large umbrella with her tubesof water-based paints and brushes. Patricia is not a prof’essional artist. Art critics describeher paintingsof 10 owls, eagles, tigersand fishesas “cute”.Nothing more. This is not a big deal to the English native who came here after her marriage to a Malaysian in the 1950s. After all, she only started face-and-handpainting in March when the Malaysian Nature S’ocietvneededsomethingnovel to athact the crowd to come to their Floral Exhibition in Tanjung Tuan, Melaka.

l5 Patricia can always be seenat the train ride sution, come rain or shine, on most Saturdays,becausepainting has always been her passion. Besidestha! it gives her happinessto seethat the fruits of her labour help the animals in the zoo. It’s not so much the trloos],” insistedthe former headmistress, who revealedthat all proceedsare given to the zoo for the animals’ upkeep.. ,I have 20 seensome of the children jumping up and down after getting their faces painted and that gives me the most satisfaction,”sheadded.

Patricia never feels bored telling about the awkward moments she has experienced. The challenges a face-and-hand as painting artist also thrill her. ‘osomepeoplehaveslipperyskin which makesit very hard for the paint to stick zs so you have to apply thicker layers.

Atrotherproblemis hairiness which makes it impossiblefbr any work to be done,”shesaid. Unlessthey shave, thereis no way the paint would stick. One guy proposedthat I do a painting on his neck which was about the only spot that didn’t have hair,” she laughed. Listening to her stories,one may think Patriciahas never experiancedany 30 sad moment. On the conffary, she spentthe last three years of her life grieving. That was when her husband,the late Jamil Ariffin, passedaway due to bone cancer. She refused to meet people or take part in social activities.

Later, she came to her sensesand realised that this was not the way to live, . ,Being old doesnot meanthat you shouldgive up an activelife.Many old peoplelosetheir 35 flexibility when they are not active fora long period of time.

” she addecl. She laterjoined the MalaysianNatureSociety. lllgn SULTT l0 As a member of the Malaysian Nature Society, Patricia tries to take part in as many activities as she can.

She goes bird-watching, looks out fbr fiogs, snakes and other reptiles and follows the marine group for snorkelling trips in 40 Pulau Tioman. She also supports the World Wildlit’e Fund For Nature, Recently, she went to Terengganu and Melaka to patrol parts of the beaches which have been declared turtle sanctuaries.Patricia is asthmatic and uses an artificial hip. hspite that, she is an active volunteer with the National Association of Strokees of Malaysia. 45 According to her, “being old helps” as the stroke patients at the physiotherapy class shc attends, feel encouragedwith her around. This golden girl who goes line dancing to keep lil” has visited many countries.

In the near firture. she plans to visit lndia to see the Taj Mahal. “l want to see the monument of love before it crumbles. ” she said. -{0 (Adapted from SundayMeto. December 2008) 6 7 26 From paragraph l, what does Patricia TaharaAriflin do at the National Zoo?I markl 3, 27 Fromparagraph (a)whatdoesPatricia with all themoney getsfrom herpaintings’l she do l l markl (b) which word has the samemeaning as a strong feeling to do something’l [1 mork) 28 From paragraph4, describetwo challengesthat Patricia faces as a bodv painter. ( i) ll morkl ( ii) ll markl trt9t2 SULIT II 29 From paragraph6, (a) state two activities that Patricia does with the Malaysian Nature Society members. ( i ) .


…. ( ii) ….

…… I mu rk l ll ma rk l (b) why is it necessaryto guard parts of the beachesof Terengganuand Melaka? I markl 30 ln your own words, give two reasonswhy Patricia is consideredactive. i) .

. . . . . .


… [1 nark) ( ii) .

. – . ..


… | markl Question 31 giveq write a summery on Basedon the passage .

r painting and why Patriciaenjoys face-and-hand her other activities after her husband’sdeath. Credit will be given for use of own words but care must be taken not to change the original meaning. Your summarymust . . . be in continuous writing (not in note form) use material from lines 17 – 50 not be longer than 130 words, including the 10 words given below Begin your summaryas follows: Patricia enjoys doingface-and-hand painting at tlw zoo hecoure painting …

{15 marks) rt9n SULIT t2 AftswER SHEET FOR QTJESTION3l ll5 marksl ttlgn SULIT t3 Section D 125 marhs) 32 Read the poem below and answer the questiarc thatfollow. Monsoon History The air is wer, soaks Into mattresses, and curls ln apparitions of smoke. Like fat white slugsfurled Among the timber, Or silver fish tunnelling The damp linen covers Of schoolbookgor walking Quietly like centipedes, The air walking everywhere On its hundredfeet ls filled with the glare Of tropical water.

Again we are taken over By cloudsand rolling darkness. Small snails appear Clashingtheir timid horns Among the morning glory Vines.Drinking milo, Nyonya and babasit at home. ‘l’his was forty years ago. Sarong-wrappedthey counted Silver paper for the dead. Portraits of grandfathers Hung always in the parlour. ReadingTennyson,at six p.

m. in pajamas, Listening to down-pouring rain : the air ticks With gnats, black spiders fly, Moths sweepout of our rooms Where termitesbuilt Their hills ofeggs and queens zoom In heat. We wash our feet For bed watch mother uncoil F{er snakehair, unbuckle The silver mesh around her waisl Waiting for father pacing The sand as fishers pull From the Straits after monsoon.

tttgn SULIT 1^ laThe air is still, silent Like sleepers rocked in the Pantuq Sheltered by Malacca This was forry years ago, When nyonya married baba’ Shirlev Geok-lin Lim (a) From the poem,what do we know aboutth€ air? O) What creatureis found amongthe moming glory vines? .ll narkl to (c) Theword’grandfathers’refers “””|Inarkl for (d) Fromthe poem,give one example eechof the following: (i) a westeminfluence (ii) an @stem influence rtun SULIT t 33 Read the extract from the short story The Necklace below and answer the guestions that follow. The day of the ball drew near and Madame Loisel seemed sad, uneasy, anxious.

Her ftcrck was ready. owever. Her husband said to her one evening, “What is the matter? Come, you have seemedvery queer these last three days.

” And she answered, “lt annoys me not to have a single piece of jewellery, not a single ornament, nothing to put on. I shall look poverty-stricken. I would almost ratler not go at all. ” “You might wear natural flowers,” said her husband. “They’re quite fashionabie at this time of year. For ten francs you can get two or thrce magnificent roses. ” She was not convinceci. “No, ther€’s notlring more humiliating than to look poor among other women who are rich.

” “How stupid you are! her husbandcried. “Go and look up your frien4 Madame Forestier, and ask her to lend you somejewels. You’re intimate enough with her to do that. ” (a) Why was Madame Loisel unhappy? (bi give her? Whatsuggestions her husband did (i) (ii) ….


.. .fl morkl lt markl (c) lf you wereMathilde, wouldyou haveattended ballwithoutanyjewellery? the Give a reason your answer. for ttt9t2 SULIT l6 34 Thefollowing are the novels studied in the literature comporent in English Language.

Jungle of Hope The Pearl The Return Keris Mas John Steinbeck K. S. Maniam Choose ary one of tle novels above and qnswer the question below.Write about an important theme in the novel you have chosen. Support your answer with close reference to the text.

$5 marksl ll’9n SULIT t7 ANSWER SHEET FOR QLTESTTON 34 {15 marlur) KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT rr19n SULIT l8 Nam a: ANSWER SIIEET FOR SECTION A your answer, Ifyou wishto change erase the Blackenonly one space eachquestion. for Thenblacken space the new answer. the for markthatyou havemade. blackened EXAMPLE: @ @ (D @ 9. 10.

1t. 12. /’–i- @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ Ll (E CD @ @ @ @ @ @ O @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ \_g_, /z: (D @ @ @ @ t+- -A) @ @ @ @ (4-) t5. @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ CD ltlgn SULIT MARK SCHEME ll9/PP Peraturan (PP) Pemnrkahan Bahasa Inggeris Kertas | & 2 2$09 ;’ABATAN PEI,AJARAN Nf,GERI JOTIOR PEPERIKSAAN PERCUBAAF{ SIJIL Pf,LAJARAN MALAYSIA 2OO9 PERATURAN PEMARKAHAN BAHAS,A.

INGGERIS Kertas| &2 IiNTUK KEGUNAAN PEMERIKSA SAHA. IA AMARAN Peraturanpernarkaharr SULIT dan [Iak Cipta Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Johor. ini Kegunaan khusus untuk pemeriksa yang berkenaan sahaja. Sebarangmaklumat dalam peraturan pemarkahan ini tidak boleh dimaklumkan kepada sesiapa. Peraturarr pemarkahan ini juga tidak boleh dikeluarkan dalam apa jua bentuk penulisan dan percetakan. Kertas Perahman Femarkahanini mengandungi 12 halamanbercetak. ENGLISH LANGUAGtr PAPER 2 (n l9/2) MARIfiNG SC}TEME SECTIONA MARK SCHEME t2 -13t4 15 SECTION B 16 17 18. 19 20 Talks and counselling – I m{}rk is awarded only when both are mentioned Recitai Hall (ICOM) Drama (s) and Dance (s) – 1 mark is awarded only when both are mentioned Main l{all, Melaka Carnpus lvorkshops and a campustour — | mark is awarded only when Career gulidance Itoth are menlioned (U’I’AR) Sungai Long Can’rpus Kuching (Sarawak) RM6 / 6 ringgit Shahrizanor Lian See/ Shahrizan/ Lian See batik, rveaving, woodwork (any 2) – I mark is awarded only when two courses are mentioned 1 22 23 24 25 MA.

RK SCIIEME SECTION C Answers She is a body painter. / She paints pichres on people’s facesand hands. Notes o I mark o Allow lifiingfron line I or lines I – 2. (PatriciaZaharaArffin… All proceeds are given to the zoo for the animals’ upkeep passl()n Q-Aslie! ,sJZ o I mark o partial lifiingfrom line 20 (i) (Somepeoplehave)slipperyskin. (ii) (Somepeoplehaveihairy skin”/ hairiness o I mark o lmqrk a Allaw lftingfrom lines 25 to 27.

(Some people… o be done) t * Chooseany two; award I mark eachAllow lifiing jlom lines 39 (il uii+*arcnGe (ii) looksout for ftogs I snakes (andother) / reptiles (iii) snorkelling to 4tr. (Shegoes bird watclting..

. in Pulau Tioman. ) 29b Thev have been declaredturtle sancfuaries. o I mark o Allow liftingfrom lines 42 43. (Recently,she,..

turtle sanctuaries”) o Award I markfor each rees(rn^(mmimum 2) o ‘ ” . . r She still paints on peopie’s bodies. She watchesbirds” / She studiesfr

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