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Split Personalities Split Personalities What exactly are split personalities Sometimes split personality is referred to a phenomenon that is really instead multiple personalities, where the individual seem to have completely different personalities on different occasions. With a person with split personalities, the person acts as if he or she was two or more separate individuals, but it is supposedly that the personalities do know about each of the other. Another type of split personality is the one that is rather termed disturbed personality, usually of borderline type. That condition is characterized by considerable insecurity and confusion regarding knowledge of self and identity. Most of the people in this case can by themselves or by others to be different individuals on different occasions.

Split personalities are not just always only one or two other personalities; in some cases the number of personalities is endless. Split personalities are also known as ?Dissociation and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Dissociation is a normal psychological and physiological ability that allows people to protect themselves when personalities, split, person, personality, one, different, people, individual, dissociation, very, type, two, think, themselves, something, show, serious, protect, out, occasions, multiple, lot, individuals, identity, identities, diagnosed, child, cases, case, because, abuse, about, truly, trauma, time

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