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Throughout the Spitfire Grill, Percy Tallboy demonstrates and acts, in a very Jesus-like way. At the beginning of the movie, Percy is an outcast and is persecuted by authorities and society. As we get more into the movie, we see her impact on people and how she changes them before her death. Throughout the movie, Percy changed many people and impacted many lives positively like Jesus. In the Spitfire Grill, we see the persecution of Percy Tallboy. First of all, Percy is persecuted for her manslaughter charges.She was a victim of sexual abuse and It could be argued that she shouldn’t have been charged at all.

After serving her charges brought upon her, Percy also gets persecuted in Gilead. We see this from the people of the town and even the authorities. She is an outcast and when she moves to this town, she is a stranger. As word spreads about her spending Jail time, Percy gets a bad reputation. She serves customers that are UN-grateful of her presence. We also see persecution from Hannah. When the Sheriff asks Hannah to take in Percy she originally says no.

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She judges Percy on the rumors she heard going around the town. We can link all these things closely to Jesus. Jesus constantly moved around spreading the word and was persecuted harshly for it by some people.

Throughout the Spitfire Grill, Percy makes many positive impacts on people. Percy helps change Hannah for the better. In dire need of help Percy gets hired by Hannah. As the days go on and as Hannah hurts herself, she has to trust Percy with her restaurant. Percy brings out the better or Hannah every day and changes Hannah for the better.The bond between Percy and Hannah gets stronger and stronger throughout the movie. Another prime example of Perry’s impact can be seen with Shelby.

Before Percy came to Gilead, Manama controlled Shelby and Shelby wasn’t living the life she wanted to. However, near the end of the movie, Percy gives Shelby so much confidence that she almost rebels against Manama. We even see her threaten to leave Manama when she bailed Percy out of Jail. Ultimately, Percy made Shelby not rely on Manama so harshly.

All of Perry’s actions can be linked to Jesus.Just like Percy, Jesus went around changing people and spreading the word of the lord. Both Jesus and Percy made positive impacts on their peers for the better. Last but not least, Perry’s covenant was sealed with death. So many people thought they knew the real Percy, however they didn’t.

It was upon death that everyone realized how god-like Percy was. We can relate this strongly to Jesus. Just like Percy, Jesus Journey was sealed with death on the cross. Percy died trying to save someone else which strongly supports how she is a Jesus-like figure.

Jesus died trying to save people and spread the good news. Overall, she was a miss- understood person, who relates to Jesus strongly. She was ultimately in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Throughout the Spitfire Grill, Percy Tallboy demonstrated a Jesus-like life. She changed people for the better and impacted the Gilead positively. She helped Hannah greatly with her restaurant and was Just at the wrong place, at the wrong time of her death.

She was as close of a Jesus like figure as Jesus himself. Spitfire Grill By Goff

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