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Some background information on Sow bugs is that Sow bugs feed on decomposing organic material. Such as: mulch and grass clippings. The Sow bugs enjoy tender foliage, stems, along with roots of young garden vegetable transplants, seedlings, and bedding plants. A Sow bug’s diet also includes fungi, algae, moss, and bark. The hypothesis is: Sow bugs prefer the Hickory leaf. The prediction is: If Sow bugs prefer the Hickory leaves, then there will be a higher percent consumed value for the Hickory leaves when compared to the percent ensured values for the other three leaves.

The reason for the hypothesis is that the Hickory seemed like it fits the Sow bugs diet better than the other three leaves involved in this experiment. Procedure The materials list is: sand, four Sow bugs, Hickory leaf, American Beech leaf, Red Oak leaf, Maple leaf, large Petri dish, four different colored sharpies, white out, scissors, eight by eight millimeter graph paper, and a water dropper. 1 . Cut the Hickory, American Beech, Red Oak, and Maple leaves each into an eight by eight millimeter square using the graph box. Put white out in the top right corner of each leaf. 3. Put a different color dot in each white out dot using the sharpies. 4. Fill the Petri dish with six millimeters of sand.

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This is known because in the group ATA the Sow bugs ate the entire Hickory leaf and barely touched the other three leaves. Also, in the class data the Sow bugs ate over half of Hickory leaf while the second most consumed leaf was the Maple leaf with only 38. 33 percent consumed. This experiment is invalid. This experiment is invalid because some Sow bugs died, which led to a change in sow bugs, some dirt got into the sand while the Sow bugs were being transferred, and an inaccurate tracing of the leaves occurred. Making the results untrustworthy.

Possible improvements for his experiment could be: to take time calculating the percent and drawing to make an equal and fair experiment, something to hold the leaf in place while the leaf is being traced, and to keep a constant watch over the Sow bugs. These improvements will specifically make the lab better because the leaf would be traced exactly and there would be a constant observation going on over the Sow bugs. Further questions are: why did the Sow bugs prefer the Hickory leaf and why did the Sow bugs completely ignore the Red Oak leaf.

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