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Perfection in any sphere of life can only be achieved through perseverance,determination,dedication,diligence. yet with out proper honing of individual skills even a genious might seem naive. it is in this context I would like to mention that I would not only pursue a course that supplements to my ken,but also select a institution that provises a strong foundation for my coveted research oriented activities. Looking back at my childhood,I realize that I had always wanted to be a doctor.the ideas of alleviating the misery of patients and helping them recover from illness to lead normal lives fascinated me. i always wondered what the world would be like if everyone lived healthier life,practised preventive medicine,were educated and gave support to unfortunate!! I earned my high school certificate from st.

thomas high school,hyderabad with 98% in science and 92% in mathematics and overall distinction. i opted for biology in my 10+2 with strong penchant to enter medical field. in 10+2 also I achieved overall distinction and secured 82. 2% marks.i also cleared medical entrance exam conducted by NTR university of health sciences,vijayawada,A. P.

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,India and got admission into mamata dental college,khammam,a premier institution in the state with proven potential in research and infrastructure facilities. a well structured and comprehensible curriculum in our college along with experienced faculty gave me a broader perspective and better understanding of the fundamentals. this guaranteed my purpose and further cemented my will to take up challenges. i never missed an oppurtunity to take part in seminars,group discussions.this is where my horizons expanded and made me understand the need for maintaining proper medical records and able administrative capabilities for improving and delivering proper medical care to the people. Personal satisfaction also plays a key role in my career decision. while monetary rewards are of practical importance,true job satisfaction springs from the oppurtunity to grow and learn within an industry. growing up in india,I have witnessed an underdeveloped health admistrative system in which the poorest and weakest members of society often receive inadequate care.

this made me understand the importance of analyzing and development of health information system to improve community health services. I along with my batchmates used to conduct free medical and dental camps every week primarily for the agricultural communities living in remote villages,which had very little access to primary health. we collected free samples of drugs from doctors of our college hospital and distributed them among the people.

my duty was to plan and arrange trips to villages,maintain drug store and diagnostic instruments.our main stress was on the importance of cleanliness,hygiene and over all health education. we availed the help of post-graduates of medicine,surgery. the greatest experience was in tackling problems pertaining to financial administration,including capital requirements in transportation,food for voluntaries and for buying basic medical equipments like gloves,forceps,suture material,local anesthesia,syringes,cotton,guaze,etc. i also had to encounter issues concerning referrels and attaining permission from the taluk primary health centres.the whole experience made me realize the importance in streamlining the administration for medical care. During my internship,I worked under the department of community medicine and participated in few seminars relating to the problems of public health and the solutions offered. i realized that the health problems can best be handled at community level rather than at an individual level because in a developing country like india there is the burden of an increasing population,escalating health care costs and medical safety lapses that increases the complexity of health care delivery system.

I always feel that prevention is the best and most cost effective means of controlling preventable diseases. the reason behind this is that a physician can cure the diseases in the patient but a public health doctor can prevent the disease from occurring in the community. however this prevention is not an easy task due to the lack of awareness and proper understanding among the people of the public health concepts. the only means with which we can effectively bridge these gaps is by applying the principals of public confidence in public health principles was reinforced when the incidence of polio has drastically gone done in india after the successful implementation of pulse polio program from 1995. today india is declared as polio free country by the un with last incidence more than a year ago. My own interest in public health is part way altruistic.

i feel that every contribution I make pave the way for a better healthier tomorrow.i have a dream of being a part of a work force revolutionizing public health care and making it effective in providing the best community health care and health education. through a career in public health I would I would like to emphasize the importance of prevention and primary care rather than tertiary care,drive the change that is necessary to make my vision for improved health and health care a reality and strive towards helping large number of people.Higher education in usa would provide me with unique challenges to test my ability to cope with transition to a new setting, acquire new skills and improve my intellectual competence. given the opportunity to pursue the graduate program in public health,I will contribute to effectively bringing new information to light in public health. my deep-rooted desire to search for preventive actions against threats to public health is one of the primary reasons for my applying to join your esteemed university.

with its rich history in public health research ,a strong teaching faculty combined with an exhaustive library,I believe that your university can best help me gain that vital footing in the domain of public health. I strongly believe that master of public health program in your university will help me focus on health promotion and didease prevention in the most efficient way and I can confidently state that I will do my best since I am joining the course with a mind set to excel. Dr. AMIT KUMAR DUBEY

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