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Mummifies The songs I want to use for the paper are Never Told by J. Cole where he talks about it as a father to son perspective because the son saw the father cheating, I also am going to use Breakdown by J. Cole because in this song he talk about it as a girls perspective on how she wants to cheat on her boyfriend. I will also use Let It Be by Dome Defy this song looks at it from the victims perspective and the person that wants to cheat. Cheaters perspective o J Cole – Breakdown 0 In this song J Cole explains how the cheater thinks and how her family (mostly mom) tells her what they want her to do, and they are telling her to Just leave him and forget.

Her man got her pregnant and then got locked up and she doesn’t know if she can wait for him or if she should Just move on. 0 Victims perspective o Uncle Sam – I Don’t Ever Want To See You Again 0 This song is about how he finds out his girlfriend is cheating on him with another man which was his best friend. The song starts with him getting a letter from his girlfriend’s other man.Saying that they are in love and it was is best friend who sent he letter. The song keeps going into how he never saw it coming and how he gave her everything.

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In the end, it is something he struggles with because her other lover was his friend and if it had to be anyone, he would rather it be a stranger. Outsiders perspective o J Cole – Never Told 0 J Cole speaks about how his father told him that he cheated on his mom but told him that if he told his mom he wouldn’t grow up to be a real man because he was making the impression that if you tell on others you aren’t a man.

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