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Talent is a gift that God gives to human being without seeing their social status. A poor kid could have a great talent on certain fields such as arts, music, or even sports. Let us take some kids in remote area as an example. Some of them are able to play various kinds of musical instruments though they have no access like many other kids in a big city have. In some cases, they Just get the access to borrow those instruments then they learn to play it by themselves. Nevertheless, their skill is often astonished many people.

It shows that they are able to master the skill even without avian some supportive elements such as facilities and tutors to guide. On the other hand, some groups of people believe that practicing regularly is the best step that someone can do to own certain skill. There is a famous statement that a drop of water can make a hole in a big rock if it is dropped on it. They believe that there is no limitation that someone owns when he or she has a big determination to master something. Personally, I believe that talent is really existed in life. Someone’s talent might be different one another.

Sometimes, we Just don’t realize what talent that exactly we have. That makes some of us sharp the wrong skill. Even, it makes us Judge ourselves as someone with no talent. Indeed, it is not easy to know what our talent is. It takes time to figure it out. However, I think we should not give up in finding it as we are the one who is able to know it. Once we know it, we could make use of regular practicing to sharp it as practice makes perfect. In short, I think that the combination of a talent and practice will be a great mix to apply in improving someone’s skill.

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