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Solid waste is a big problem in urban areas of Ethiopia as well as in Amhara Region. This problem is aggravated due to absence of appropriate solid waste management systems. In many instances solid wastes are collected in mixed state and being dumped in very sensitive environment. The main challenge of solid waste management in majority of the towns of the Amhara region is that the generated solid wastes are not properly managed to the required standard (ANRs Environmental protection, 2007).
Even if the objective of SWM proclamation (2007) gives attention to increase at all levels of capacity to prevent the possible difficult impacts while creating economically and socially beneficial assets out of solid waste, but stakeholders, managers, leaders, and residents, lack awareness , skill and knowledge exacerbating practices and challenges of solid waste management.
According to Nigatu et al (2011) Solid Waste Management is a challenge of both urban and rural area. But this crucial service lacks professionals in the work area and is not appropriately performed by the concerned bodies, which results in a range of social and environmental challenges. They observed lack of financial resources; organization weakness, in adequate selection of technology, transportation systems, disposal options and social health problem has complete SWM service unsatisfactory and unproductive.
Mekane Selam town also growth in the past one decades ,thus among of solid waste amount also increase parallel to the growth of the town in the report of 2015/16 town administration also indicates there is a problem of solid waste management and resulted for health problem. Due to this reason, the researcher were imitated to study practices and challenges of solid waste management in Mekane Selam town and to generate possible recommendations for the implementation of solid waste management in the study area

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