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Introducing Grace and Jane Is there an argument against social networking? Mobile phones – What’s that all about? Teacher’s Guide The social networking debate: good or bad? How has social networking changed the way we live our lives? Introducing Grace and Jane: Jane was born in the sass; in 1974, at the age of 1 1, she started secondary school and had to catch the school bus from her house to the school. She Joined the local Girl Guides where she attended meetings every Monday night.In those days, Brownies and Girl Guides were taught that there were certain essential items they should always have in their octet; one of these items was a two pence piece so they could make a phone call from a telephone box in an emergency. Grace was born in 1990; in 2001 she started secondary school and also had to catch the school bus to school. Her favorite past-time is video gaming on her Oxbow with her friends, either at home or online.

When Grace left school she bought herself a smartened so that she could keep in contact with her friends all of the time, using social networking as well as texts.In her hunt for a Job, Grace turned to Youth. She made a video of herself, promoting herself, as with a written C.

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V. but using video and narrative instead. Nee posted It on You I dude, Walt I I inks Trot near toner social networking profiles, and hopes that this is the way forward in standing out from the crowd in the Job market. Over 14 million people in 2011 used social media to find their last Job. When Jane was a teenager and wanted to communicate with her friends, she would use the home phone to ring them up and have a chat.Her father was always timing her to make sure the phone calls didn’t last too long and so cost a lot of money! If Jane and her friends wanted to spend time together they would arrange to go round to each other’s houses or meet up in town to go shopping. Jane would pre-arrange with her mother what bus she was going to get home and if she missed the bus or the bus was late, she would phone, using her two pence piece, from the phone box next to the bus stop so that her mother knew she was going to be late home.When Grace goes out with her friends, she uses her smartened to text her mother to tell her when she’s on the way home.

Grace likes to use social networking sites to keep up to date with all her friends’ latest news and she updates her own status nearly every day, for other people to view. Grace has over 100 online friends and visits social networking sites several times every ay, either on her smartened or on her computer or on her Oxbow. When she sees something she likes, Grace goes to a product’s Faceable page and ‘likes’ it.Recently she ‘liked’ Struck, being one of 27 million people who have done the same. This is great news for the businesses that get ‘liked’, as if Grace has 100 friends who see her ‘like’ and some of them – connected to another 100 friends – do the same, the potential for viral marketing is huge. Jane is now in her ass and has set up her own small cake-making business, selling cakes to her local community. She has realized the potential of social networking and as set up a Faceable profile and also has a Twitter account in an attempt to increase her business.Jane posts several tweets a day telling her customers about the products for sale that day and she will usually bake a special ‘product of the week which she tweets about.

Cane’s cake business has built up a loyal following and her customers will often tweet and rewet (share a tweet already posted by someone else) about their favorite products. Jane uses her Faceable profile to advertise her business and to look at customers’ Many big companies use social networking to communicate with their customers, vying us, the consumer, more knowledge of the companies and more say in what teen sell . Alumnus Is Just one AT many companies Tanat use Facedown . At contracts 2011, Kingsbury customers wrote on the Faceable site that they wanted chocolate sterling pennies to put on their Christmas trees, rather than the euros that were on sale at the time.

As a result, Kingsbury re-introduced chocolate pennies in time for Christmas. They advertised their Deal of the Day, using their Faceable wall the day before Valentine’s Day, to advertise a bunch of flowers still available to buy. Suggestions. At Christmas, one customer asked on Faceable if she could sell gingerbread houses, which led to several other local people repeating that request. As a result, Jane produced gingerbread houses as her product of the week, in the week before Christmas, which led to several new customers. A lady who lived many miles away also saw the Faceable request and the subsequent tweet when the item was being sold and asked if Jane could make a customized gingerbread house for a birthday cake.This led to Jane expanding her business to offer mail order items on request. Send her customers special offers, such as a deal of the day to purchase six hot cross nuns for the price of four in the week leading up to Easter To facilitate online ordering for customers Use as a viral marketing tool, to spread the word to potential customers through her own customers’ tweets and rewets To ‘humanism’ the business and communicate regularly with her customers Receive suggestions/complaints from customers.

Re Ana k h ere Jane uses her Twitter account within her cake-making business to: Mobile phones cuscus’s – What’s that Travel companies such as National Rail use Faceable and Twitter Did profiles to keep their passengers informed of how services are running. Transparen’t n Derbyshire used regular updates on Faceable and Twitter, in February 2012, to let passengers know which services were running or not due to bad snow. Not only did this help some people plan C I ‘route rhomb from work safely but it was also an excellent way of a KC he e ‘humanistic their business and gaining the support of people who felt they were kept informed about travel.

Grace and a group of her friends went on a backpacking holiday for three weeks to Malaysia and the surrounding area. While away, they wanted to be able to easily communicate to everyone back home what they were up to, what they’d seen and to et their families know that they were K. They decided to set up a blob, with links to the blob from their individual social networking pages. They took photographs of themselves on their smartness and then, when they were staying in an area that has Wife access, they would easily upload their photographs to the blob and write a message about what they had been doing.Their parent’s and friends could all see want ten group AT Travels Ana Eden long Ana Knew teen were alright Ana navels concussion ever and Is there an argument against social networking? In August 2011, Great Britain saw riots flare up in several cities, with people coming involved in looting, violence and destruction. Apparen’tly, the riots were fuelled by social networking, most notably Blackberry’s IBM service but also Twitter and Faceable.A third of teenagers between the ages of 12 and 15 own a BlackBerry, partly because it is a smartened but predominantly because of its free IBM service which enables teenagers to De In contact Walt all AT tenet Bewilderingly Travels almost Instantly Ana Witt privacy not necessarily available on Faceable or Twitter.

So rioters were able to arrange looting ahead of arriving at the scene, let everyone know where to congregate, and the riots continued. Spellbinding does happen and we should all be on our guard not to unwittingly become part of it by viewing posts from submersibles, laughing at unkind posts or commenting on them.Spellbinding can lead to victims taking drastic action when they become very unhappy. Content spacification We’ve all heard about spellbinding, which easily occurs on social networking sites. Submersibles might post unkind, abusive comments onto someone’s wall. They might put photos of others on their own profile with the intention of ridiculing a person; they might make a derogatory comment on a picture or video someone has posted on heir own profile; they might even set up false profiles pretending to be someone else.

Approximately of teenagers have witnessed some form of unkindness to another person on a social network.Legal, social, ethical and environmental issues 2. 1 . 6 10 2.

1 . 9 Exchanging information 2. 3. 5 15 kHz ere Current and emerging 2. 3. 10 17 over and On Boxing Day 2011, an Asian student was shot dead in Sailors, a victim of an apparen’t race-hate attack.

The student’s parent’s learned of his death from Faceable, and were understandably extremely upset. Shcould this be the way that a paren’t learns of the death of their child? The tragedy occurred because posting to a social networking site is instantaneous and presumably the person who posted to Faceable didn’t think of the consequences – something we should all learn from. . 1 .

2 CIT and modern living Page number in technologies Mobile phones – What’s that all about? Cisco predicts that by the year 2016 there will be more connected mobile devices than people. They also predict that the 1 50 megabytes of data currently being used by the average smartened will become 2. 6 gigabytes by 2016.

Networks are under stress now, so how will they cope with these new demands? O track the phone through the area, accepting and transmitting any calls via the cell transmitter.If the phone is moving, the control centre keeps track of the signal, and as it fades, it is able to identify the registration in the adjacent cell. When the device moves into the new cell, it switches the calls to the new transmitter without interrupting the call or data transfer. Let’s take a quick look at how mobile, or cell, phones work. The mobile phone is basically a radio. The phone uses low-power radio to communicate with network cells. These cells are laid out in an overlapping grid pattern with a transmitter/ giver at the centre of each one.

Each area has a control centre that transfers any calls or data through its networks to the destination. With so many transmitters so close together, the transmitters, or masts, have to use a low-power signal, and masts next to each other transmit on different frequencies. The receivers are connected by land-based lines to the central base station that controls all the cells in a particular area.

Dealt phones are addle to compress ten signal from the phone, in much the same way as we compress music tracks for MPH players. By compressing the data, we are able to send more data through an analogue radio connection.The current compression techniques used can squash ten calls into the same stream as one analogue call, but for our future needs this is not enough. Analogue voice Analogue voice call Sampled at regular intervals Sampled at regular The value at each sample point is used to create the ddigital be transmitted. So, instead of continuously varying value, it able transmit series discrete values that represent same data.

Every phone service provider uses a unique code, SIDE (System ‘Identification number). When you buy a phone, a set of preferred SIDE numbers is pre-programmed into the hone.When the phone is on, it constantly listens for a control signal on a special frequency reserved for this purpose. If the SIDE it receives is the correct one for the phone service provider, it registers with the base station.

The control centre is then To cope with the increasing demands on mobile communication and data access, these companies are using techniques developed in computer networking. These techniques have been developed to handle significantly more data. So let’s look at how IP addressing and packet switching are being used to handle the increasing demands on the networks.

An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a number allocated by a server to a device that is within its network. It uses a unique code built into the device during manufacture to identify the device, the Electronic Serial Number or MIME (International Mobile Equipment Identity). The IP address is allocated when the device registers with the control centre and is used to identify the device as it moves between cells in the control centre area. If it moves to another area, the control centre communicate with each other, the new control centre allocates an IP address, and control is passed to

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