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Social networking is a communication platform which allows individuals to interact with others in different aspects (Ricci Bitti & Garotti, 2011, cited in Kappas & Krämer, 2011). In fact, social networking has become a part of our life, especially for the adolescents. It was thought that teenagers become addicted to social networking sites including Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Some people believe that social networking sites provide benefits for connecting with people from all over the world while some people claim that using social platform overly will bring more harm than good owing to the privacy and cyberbullying issue. Hence, this essay will demonstrate both the advantages and disadvantages with supporting evidence.With the development of technology, communication has grown rapidly. It is easier and more cost effective to communicate with people across the world with no barrier to geographical locations and cultural differences. Using Facebook to keep in touch with relatives or old friends who have immigrated to another country, reaching different people from the different culture to broaden the horizon. Relational maintenance refers to the behaviors which individuals use to sustain their relationships (Canary & Stafford, 1994, cited in Bryant, E. M., Marmo, J., & Ramirez, A., Jr., 2011). With social networking sites, getting to understand others’ recent news is the crucial factor to foster the growth of the relationship.Nowadays, social networking sites become an information delivery median which convenient individuals to get the latest information happened around the world. Social media such as Apple Daily and Stand News share the current news on their public page which allows users to receive the latest news at the very first time. Individuals require to use the social networking sites instead of waiting for the TV broadcast to report the news. Throughout the SNSs, it is considered that additional information such as the fashion trend or cheaper air ticket of other countries is viewed. No matter what categories of information, users can make good use of the social networking sites for getting the latest information.On the other hand, cyberbullying is a darker side to this shiny new digital world. Gossip and rumours can be spread to the social networking sites if the security settings are not appropriate (Rogers, 2010). Cyberbullying is different from face-to-face bullying while the bullies can use the fake account on the Internet, in other words, the bullies can keep a distance with the victim. No matter how hurt the victim feels, it is quite difficult to get rid of it while there is no evidence can be traced. In Adolescent Stage, teenagers are curious to everything and struggling to cater to their peers. Peer pressure with cyberbullying attack may lead to serious mental problems or even commit suicide.With so much sharing on the SNSs, privacy has become a big issue as users do not know they will be the target when they just want to share something on the online platform. Teenagers with many people on friend list tend to protect their privacy when they share something on Facebook (Brandtzæg, P. B., Lüders, M. & Skjetne, J. H., 2010). Social networking sites required users to upload their real information to the internet; however, some company get to use that personal information for marketing purposes. Sharing too much personal information to the public may lead many sorts of problems that sometimes cannot be undone.With no doubt, social networking is a great invention which beneficial to our life – the most convenient way to get the unlimited information but also provide a communication platform without any barrier; however, there are some drawbacks to social networking too, especially when the users misused the technology may lead to threaten or humiliate. To me, I am quite satisfied with the new digital world owing to the entertainment, feeling relaxed when having such funny posts or video clips and get away from the real world with high pressure. Although social networking may not be fully suitable for all individuals, trying to enjoy this electronic world in which is a good choice in the 21st century.

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