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So, the world as we know it today is full of things that are wrong. And things that can be made better by someone. So if I was the head of government for my country (india) there are  a lot of things i would do. there are many prevalent problems in our society that no one cares about. But many of the things dont have anything to do with children and their future.       One of the biggest problems in the world I feel is the school system.We send our children to school to prepare them for the real world that they have to face in the future.But the thing is the world around us is changing every single second and things are different now. But the school system we send our children to hasnt changed in many years.And the even the famous author seth godin said once that “The sole intent of the educational system developed years ago was too train people to be willing to work in a factory.”  Its also not just him the another famous author by the name of Kenneth Robinson said “Education is modelled in the interest of the industrial age and the image of it.”And another problem is that the some of the values that we are taught in school are aimed for the olden days and just aren’t relevant anymore.For example: We are told to do as the teacher says. We follow instructions all day and we are rewarded if we do what we are told to do. All of these are important values for factory workers. Factory workers did as they told and followed instructions all day. But think about it in the present day how far can you really get in life with just following instructions and doing what you are told to do. In the modern world people need to think creatively. Express their views and work and collaborate with other people. But the children that go school based on irrelevant morals and ideas will not have the correct guidance to develop these important skills.Another very important reason is that we the students have no control in our school life.Minute by minute everything is decided and set for them and they have to follow it. But in the future in the childrens life they will have to make their own important desicions and they will have to manage their own time. So baically they have to figure out what is important to do at that time and when to do it. The school system these days is basically just saying you dont have control over your life and you cannot make the most of it.And many experts in child psychology say that autonomy and control is very important in a childs life and mindset.Dan Pink said “Autonomy is a innate psychological need.”And Peter Gray said “Children dont like school because in school they are not free.”This also mostly the cause of children to hate school and be demotivated by it.And in school the way of learning is not genuine it is based on memorization of useless facts. And we test our intelligence by testing our children every month and seeing how much they retain.But lets be honest most children forget everything right after the exam is over.  I myself being a student can agree to this fact. But learning can be mch more authentic and not just memorization and retention. And the useless tests that students do are the only things that matter for most parents. No interests. In school we are taught the same thing as everyone else at the same exact time and the same exact way. And this is not good at all because every human being on this planet is different and unique in their own way. And they all have different interests and passion. But the school system doesnt help students find these interets and doesnt help students develop them. There are countless great memebrs of this society who faile our traditional school system but excelled in life. Like: Steven Spielberg,Albert Einstein, and Winston Churchhill. There is immense talent in different fields hat goes to waste by the school system ever year. Each and every human is also diffrent in the way of how they learn something, how long they take to learn it, and what resources work best for them. So basically if you are slow at learning something you are considered dumb. When really you just needed time to catch up. And our school system doesnt utilise all the resources it has at its fingertips like the internet. Because it feels that it will lead to bad things.So, going back to the question once more what would I do if i was the head of the government to better the children’s future. And my anaswer is this I would like to change the old educational system that has become outdated and irrelevant to the present to something that will make our childrens future better and easier

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