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Building lasting relationships is one of the most important aspects of life. It not only affects a person?s social life, but their personal life as well. The stronger the bond is, the more it influences their daily life and habits. While many relations have positive effects, there are just as many that negatively affect someone. The people, whom one builds these bonds with, may vary greatly from their grandparents and cousins to their teachers and classmates. Out of the many possible relationships one builds, the most powerful one is sisterhood. It is a sacred friendship between young women, who greatly love each other, which positively affects them even though opposing situations may arise.
The power of sisterhood binds girls together with their immense amount of love for each other. Although they tend to fight tremendously, sisters will realize that their yells and tears simply came out of love and will eventually make up. On the other hand, some sisters will quickly apologize knowing that it is the only way for them to receive what they want from the other sister. Sisterhood is also about sharing one?s moods and feelings, whether they are

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