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I have to say that hearing on the news about a man being swallowed by a sinkhole in Florida, while sleeping in his own bed was startling. To hear his brother relay the story of what happened and his despair over not being able to find and safe his brother was heart wrenching. Sure does make you consider life in a new and different way, at least it did for me. When we go to bed at night Allen and I often say how thankful we are to live in this country, in this area, in our house, in a safe area and have a clean comfortable bed. Plus to have each other, without a thought of how quickly all of that can change.

We never know what the next minute can bring, like this man in Florida. Assuming that he would get some rest and be ready for the next day. I often rock along with full belief that that all is well and tomorrow will dawn with me still in my sense of security. Knowing Jesus and knowing that I have asked Him into my life as my Savior has given me a sense of security and comfort. But do I take all of this for granted like the guy in Florida? I am finding that I need to continue to add to my security by relying on God’s Word ND wanting to be more like Jesus.

I have been a Christian for years but must admit until the last year or so I had not been diligently seeking God and getting to know Him better so that my relationship with Him is all that it can be. Like the song “The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference” I know that the cross made the difference for me. I hope that it has made the difference for you. That if the ground opened up and swallowed you are l, we would know that Jesus was there. Do we know that the tomb could not hold Him and won’t hold us either? Praise God, I do believe.

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