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Singapore Certificates of Airworthiness are renewed for periods of not more than one year. The procedure to follow is applicants need to complete the CAAS(AW)29 form and mailing it to the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. Follow by providing required documents two weeks before the expiry date of the certificate.


The relevant log books, modification record book and maintenance records consisting of parts of the logbooks records need to be submitted to the Director General of Civil Aviation prior to the renewal of the Certificate of Airworthiness. This includes complete information of task done, which need to be recorded and certified in the log books or other approved records. Also, the copies of the valid certificate of Releases to Service or Schedule Maintenance Inspection and Certificate of Maintenance Review. Other Aircraft documents that might be required by the Director General of Civil Aviation and should be made available for survey is the is the aircraft flight manual and maintenance schedule.

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Renewal of a Certificate of Airworthiness is depending on the evidence produce that show that the aircraft fulfil the appropriate airworthiness requirements and is airworthy.  An inspection of the aircraft may be required but all relevant records shall be reviewed prior to the renewal of the Certificate of Airworthiness. The Scope and degree of the inspections will depend on:


Firstly, the time that the aircraft has been around, the area and classifications of operation and conditions of storing the aircraft. Secondly, any unscheduled task that is completed on aircraft since the last renewal which leads to significant or persistent defects or damages that is necessary for major repairs or modifications, the inspection that is completed during a hard landing or overweight landings or any abnormal stress flight or on the ground results on a major structure corrosion. Thirdly, the evidence of approved maintenance schedules or approved overhaul and or replacement periods of the aircraft and components have been fully observed. Fourthly, the airworthiness requirements or instructions such as mandatory modifications and inspections, airworthiness directives are and recommended or approved by Director General of Civil Aviation for aircraft components have been collate fully. Lastly, ensure that there are evidence aircraft or component manufacturers recommendations such as service bulletins, service letters which may affect the airworthiness of the aircraft.









Prior to renewal of Certificate of Airworthiness, aircraft need to be available to check by the Director General of Civil Aviation. Operators need to be equip for test and inspection to take place in an acceptable condition. Additional work might be required by the Director General of Civil Aviation after checking the aircraft. If there is a monitoring system of the weight and centre of gravity of the aircraft, the aircraft need not be weighted prior to the issue of Certificate of Airworthiness. The aircraft need to reweight within two years after the manufacturing date and not more than five years. Weighing and centre of gravity need to be submitted in a required format by the Director General of Civil Aviation. If flight test is required by Director General of Civil Aviation, the results and related test information and data need to be submitted in a required format. Because of the annual flight test, a programme for aircraft performance and engine conditions monitoring need to be implemented.

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